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Purchasing goods and services for VCU requires compliance with VCU policy and an understanding of the procurement process. This section provides end-users with the information and resources necessary to fulfill purchasing duties.

Use an eCatalog:

Many day-to-day purchases can be made through eCatalog vendors. These vendors provide a wide range of products and services most commonly purchased at the university. eCatalogs are also easy to use and streamline the ordering, invoicing, and receiving of goods and services. Each of the available eCatalogs are available in the Showcase of RealSource and are categorized by the goods and services they provide.

Learn more about eCatalogs using the RealSource New User Help Guide.

SWaM eCatalog Showcase:

VCU is committed to supplier diversity and to promoting business with small, women, and minority-owned (SWaM) vendors. Several SWaM vendor eCatalogs are available for use and provide many of the most commonly purchased goods including office supplies, laboratory and research equipment, and software products. The SWaM Showcase on the RealSource homepage highlights currently available SWaM vendor eCatalogs.

Departments can also discover diverse suppliers by searching for specific goods, services, and products using VCU

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