Make a Purchase over $10,000

Purchases over $10,000 are routed through eVA to Procurement Services for processing. Purchase requisitions will be assigned to a Buyer to facilitate the procurement process.

Step by Step

  1. Decide What You Need to Buy

  2. Create a Requisition in eVA

    When creating the requisition, choose any vendor to fill the supplier field. The information will be edited upon award of contract by the Buyer. Once the requisition has been submitted, it will be routed to a Buyer in Purchasing. The requestor can see the assigned Buyer by clicking on the PR number, then the Approval Flow tab. This will bring up the individuals that are in the approval work flow. The assigned Buyer's name will appear in that flow chart.

  3. Determination of Procurement Method

    Once the requisition has been assigned to a buyer, you will be contacted for additional information so that the buyer can determine the appropriate procurement method and initiate the procurement process.

  4. Ensure Vendor is Set Up in Banner

  5. Review/Routing of Contracts for Signature

    All contracts $10,001 and above requiring signature must be sent to VCU Procurement, either by attaching the contract to your PR in eVA, or by sending it directly to the assigned buyer. You may check the 'Approval Flow' tab within your PR in eVA to determine who the assigned buyer is.  The buyer is responsible for contract review and for routing the contract for signature..

  6. Purchase Order Approval

    Upon completion of the procurement process and signature of contracts, the Buyer will finalize and approve the Purchase Order.

  7. Administer the Contract