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Effective June 1, 2016, all departments must purchase general office supplies, which includes paper and toner, from The Supply Room Company (TSRC). Non-general office supplies (software, break-room supplies, furniture) may be purchased from TSRC, or they may be purchased from other vendors. Specialty items that are not found in TSRC’s catalog may be purchased from other vendors, however, no purchases of general office supplies from any other vendor are allowed. 

Step by Step


    • The use of a P-Card to purchase office supplies is prohibited.
    • Personal reimbursements for purchases of office supplies are not permitted.

The Supply Room Company

      1. Purchase and Payment

        All office supplies must be purchased from The Supply Room Company's RealSource eCatalog, except for specialty items that are not included in the eCatalog.

      2. Contact Information

        TSRC has the following representatives dedicated to the VCU account:

        Contract Administrator
        Dutch Jones
        Office: 804-412-2748

        Director of Sales Services
        Caron Arkesteyn
        804-412-2792 - Desk

        VCU Customer Service Representative
        Margie Brown
        Office: 804-412-2778

        The following individuals in VCU Procurement Services can assist with questions:

        Abigail Zaremba, CUPO

Urgent Needs:

Same-day delivery: TSRC provides standard next-day delivery on orders placed by 5 P.M. Departments should plan sufficiently in advance to place orders for next-day delivery. However, when circumstances require it, requests may be made under the TSRC contract for same-day delivery. The department must coordinate this directly with TSRC customer service, who will make every effort to make the delivery same-day, though it will not always be possible.

Over the counter purchases: In urgent situations requiring same-day delivery which cannot be achieved by TSRC, VCU departments may go to Staples. This is the only brick-and-mortar option that will be permitted for urgent-need office supplies. This option should only be used in circumstances where TSRC cannot meet the department’s delivery deadline. Departments must provide an email confirmation from TSRC stating they cannot meet the same day delivery deadline.


I am having trouble accessing TSRC’s Punch-Out catalog in RealSource.
You are probably experiencing a browser issue. To fix, you should try to use a different browser. If that does not work, then contact the RealSource HelpDesk @ or 804-828-1077, option 6.

I found the same office supply item at a lower price through another office supply vendor. Can I buy it from the other office supply vendor?
No. No purchases from any other office supply contract and/or vendor are allowed. Pricing was negotiated based on VCU’s aggregate spend, not by line item. University Purchasing encourages departments to purchase off the Core Item list whenever possible. Also, TSRC offers generic brand items as part of this contract. Purchasing encourages departments to ask their sales representative for more information regarding the generic brand items and purchase the generic brand whenever possible for further cost savings. TSRC, when possible, will try to accommodate price matching.

My department currently has Dell printers which require Dell toners. Can I purchase the toners from Dell?
If your department has a model which requires Dell toners, then you may purchase through Dell. However, many Dell printers now work with substitute brand toners. If your department has a model that has substitutes available through TSRC, you should purchase through the office supply contract. Departments can check to see if substitute toners are available on TSRC Punch-Out catalog and website.

University Purchasing encourages departments to research the life cycle cost of purchasing Dell printers which require Dell toners versus the life cycle cost of other brands of printers to ensure the most cost-effective procurement decisions are being made.

Toners for any piece of office equipment that has an established Service Agreement through the manufacturer which specifies the toner or includes the toner as part of the Agreement shall be purchased through the Service Agreement.

Do I have to purchase break-room (coffee, candy, paper plates, plastic utensils, etc.) and cleaning supplies through this contract?
The intent in establishing this contract is to cover the purchases of general office supplies. Break-room supplies such as coffee, candy, food, paper plates, plastic utensils, paper towels, napkins, and cleaning supplies may be purchased from TSRC, or they may be purchased from another source (grocery store, drug store, Wal-Mart, etc.).

Are orders purchased by MCV Foundation a part of this contract?
No. The contract does not apply to orders purchased and paid through MCV Foundation, MCV Physicians, or VCU Health.

Who do I contact for questions regarding the office supply contract and RealSource issues?
For questions regarding the office supply contract, please contact Abigail Zaremba with University Purchasing at 828-1072.

For RealSource performance issues, please contact the RealSource Helpdesk at

Do I have to purchase furniture from TSRC?
No. Departments may obtain quotes and place orders with any vendor that sells office furniture up to $10,000. Departments are encouraged to seek competitive pricing in the marketplace to manage costs for VCU.

Why was my virgin paper automatically replaced with recycled paper?
TSRC have been instructed by VCU Purchasing to automatically substitute virgin paper orders with equivalent grade recycled paper (at least 30% recycled content) in order to comply with the VCU requirement to purchase only recycled paper in support of sustainability initiatives.

Do I have to purchase toner through TSRC?
Yes. All toner cartridge purchases must be made through TSRC.

Are printer repair services included as part of the Office Supply contract?
No. Printer repair services are not included in the Office Supply contract. Departments may use the vendor of their choice within department delegation.

What if TSRC cannot provide an item?
All departments must purchase general office supplies, which include paper and toner, from TSRC. Non-general office supplies (software, breakroom supplies, furniture) may be purchased from TSRC, or they may be purchased from other vendors. Specialty items that are not found in TSRC’s Punch-Out catalog may be purchased from other vendorsAll paper purchases must be made from TSRC.

Why aren’t my items being delivered to where I want them?
Please ensure that the “Ship-To” and room information on purchase requisitions accurately reflect where the order needs to be delivered. The “Ship-To” location must be the physical location (address), including the room number and name of the person to whom the delivery should be made once inside the building. Purchasers who order office supplies for multiple delivery locations need to select the appropriate “Ship-to” address for each order. Separate purchase orders need to be made for each delivery location. If items need to be delivered to a location that is not loaded in RealSource, please contact and request that location be added.

Does TSRC recycle toner cartridges?
Yes. You may simply give used toner cartridges to the TSRC driver next time he makes a delivery. Or, if you would like to schedule a specific pick-up of used cartridges, please call TSRC customer service (above) and they will schedule a pickup for you.

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