Buy Express Mail and Delivery Services

VCU may utilize established Fedex and UPS contracts for express mail and delivery services. The P-Card is the required method of payment. These purchases are considered exempt and do not have to be entered in the RealSource system.

Step by Step

VPL (Vantage Point Logistics) - Inbound Freight Savings Program

Procurement Services has partnered with Vantage Point Logistics (VPL) to implement a program designed to reduce shipping costs on VCU purchases from certain pre-designated vendors. VPL will arrange for vendors to send all of their shipments via VCU’s FedEx account, with its low contracted rates, rather than the vendor charging its normal higher shipping rates. This process has minimal impact on VCU departments, as all ordering procedures remain the same as before and no modifications to the purchase order are needed. VPL will invoice VCU electronically for the FedEx shipping charges, using FedEx's contracted rates.

VPL Proposed Vendors Vendor Number
View All    
A Daigger & Company Inc V00220802
AAPPTec LLC V00552820
AJA International Inc V00617051
Abbott Molecular V00241940
Active Motif V00220971
Adinstruments V00220813
Adipogen Corporation V00829337
Advanced BioMatrix Inc V00434403
Allied Electronics Inc V00221405
Alpco Ltd V00223965
Anatrace V00718712
Aquaneering Inc V00604579
Asta Tech Inc V00375593
Axxora LLC V00221084
BSN Sports V00404257
Bio-Serv V00227342
Braintree Scientific Inc V00221679
Chem Impex International Inc V00271999
Chembridge Corporation V00225264
Chemglass Life Sciences LLC V00478547
Chroma Technology V00227351
Compumedics USA Ltd V00327846
Corning Incorporated V00253854
Covaris Inc V00439666
Coy Laboratory Products Inc V00221180
Cytoskeleton V00248261
DNA Genotek Inc V00278896
Dako North America Inc V00220912
Diagenode V00240740
Diagnostica Stago V00253307
Diapharma Group Inc V00224864
Dibert Valve and Fitting V00220332
Dojindo Molecular Technologies Inc V00323859
Eckert & Ziegler Analytics V00809197
Edmund Industrial Optics V00224548
Edwards Lifesciences V00224742
Edwards Vacuum Inc V00227105
Enzo Life Sciences International Inc V00448595
Fine Science Tools USA V00224091
GALLS V00221586
GALLS V00262849
Genecopoeia Inc V00222345
Gilson Inc V00220336
Graphene Laboratories Inc V00761486
Harper Engraving V00249476
IKA Works Inc V00456181
Instech Laboratories Inc V00220728
Intoximeters Inc V00289617
Kapabiosystems Inc V00536157
Lab Products Inc V00247827
Lab Products Inc V00264042
Landauer Inc V00224669
MDC Vacuum Products LLC V00227159
Macherey-Nagel Inc V00439744
Midwest Scientific V00227281
Miltenyi Biotec Inc V00227295
Mindray North America V00485220
Mitegen LLC V00700514
Molecular Innovations Inc V00778935
Nasco V00220372
Nasco V00438490
NeuroNexus Technologies Inc V00370799
New England Peptide V00273793
Newport Corporation V00220709
Nova Biomedical V00224312
NuGEN Technologies Inc V00643746
Onset Computer Corporation V00248111
OriGene Technologies Inc V00240762
Par Inc V00220383
Parr Instrument Co V00224945
Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc V00271253
Phenix Research Products Inc V00223788
Phenomenex Inc V00220660
Phoenix Pharmaceuticals Inc V00224844
Plastics One Inc V00220394
Power Systems V00287982
Quintron Instrument Company V00221095
RR Donnelley V00659647
Radiation Products Design Inc V00765732
Radiometer America Inc V00224344
Research Products Intl V00224065
Rotem Inc V00410089
Sage Science Inc V00592269
Sarstedt Inc V00224110
Shepherd Specialty Paper V00343383
Silicon Mechanics V00570432
Siskiyou Corporation V00223532
Spark Fun Electronics V00342958
Stemgent V00545837
Stoelting Co V00227187
Strem Chemicals Inc V00221263
Sutter Instrument Co V00227203
Synergy Telcom Inc V00815671
TCI America V00223827
TSI Incorporated V00348686
The Hollinger Corporation V00268764
United States Biological V00221126
Vetequip Inc V00220629
Warner Instruments V00242162
Wilmad LabGlass V00224117
Worthington Biochemical Corp V00220742

For information concerning the VPL program, please contact Procurement Services.

FedEx (NASPO Contract)

  1. Set up a FedEx Account

    Existing Customers: Contact Bill Linkin ( or Kaleena James ( if you have any questions about your existing account.

    New Customers: A new account may be established under the FedEx NASPO contract by completing the application and emailing it to It takes approximately four (4) to seven (7) business days to establish a new FedEx account and you will receive a confirmation email from FedEx..

    Transfer to a another VCU department
    Individuals who transfer to another department should establish a new “User ID” and link the new “User Id” to the applicable VCU account number.

    Account information may be corrected by:

    1. Sending an email to:; or
    2. Calling the Government Hotline (800-645-9424)
  2. View Contract Number and Pricing

    Contract Number: NASPO/University of Virginia Master Agreement #MA454
    View FedEx pricing here.
    View Current Fuel surcharge Information. Fuel surcharge is subject to change on a monthly basis.

  3. Ground Service vs Air Service

    It is more economical to ship using ground services. FedEx provides next day service to Virginia and 1-2 day service to locations in the eastern part of the United States. The map on the FedEx site provides information on transit days for ground services.

    To obtain ground service, you must establish a user Id and password at Once logged in, go to Ship - Prepare Shipment to generate a label and schedule a pick up. A ground pick up will be made the next business day.

    For assistance, contact Tech Support (1-877-339-2774).

  4. Purchase and Payment

    The use of a P-Card is required for all express delivery purchases. To make a purchase with your P-card please complete the following steps:

    1. Establish the account with your P-card by contacting the FedEx Billing Hotline (800-622-1147); ensure your FedEx account information is updated to reflect the current P-Card expiration date (FedEx cannot process a P-Card order if the P-Card is expired).
    2. Individuals can download invoices that include the shipment details for reconciliation / charge backs, and pay invoices online with their P-card through FedEx Billing Online. The following link includes a demo and the ability to register for this option (as a security measure, you may be required to provide your last 2 FedEx invoice numbers). The “Ground Service” login can be used for the FedEx Billing Online login. For assistance, contact Tech Support (1-877-339-2774) and select the prompt for
  5. Track a Shipment

    FedEx InSight, through, provides users with real-time shipment visibility so you can manage shipments more efficiently. InSight is available to all customers free of charge. Locate InSight on from the 'Track' tab or directly at

  6. FedEx Contact Information

    For general information or to schedule a pick up, please call: 1-800-Go-FedEx (1-800-463-3339)
    For International Customer Service, please call: 800-247-4747
    For billing questions, please call: 800-645-9424 or email
    For technical support, please call: 1-877-339-2774
    For questions regarding the express and ground package delivery series, pricing and/or account information please contact:

    Bill Linkin, World Wide Account Manager
    Phone: 732-673-6130

    Kaleena James, Account Executive
    Enterprise Local Business Sales - Government
    Phone: 901-397-2918

UPS (State Contract)

  1. Set up a UPS Account for your department.

    1. Fill out the new account registration form UPS Enrollment Form.
    2. Email your completed form to
  2. Customer Service

    1. Send an email to for answers to account questions, contract questions, special requests, etc.
  3. View Contract Number and Pricing

    Contract Number: E194-103735
    View UPS pricing here.
    Visit State Contract Site for additional information.

  4. Purchase and Payment

    The use of a P-Card is required for all express delivery purchases. The P-Card can be easily utilized to automatically have the weekly UPS invoice billed to the card. You'll still receive a weekly invoice from UPS for reference.

  5. Track a Shipment

    Track a shipment with the UPS tracking link. UPS Quantum View Manage can be used for a shipper to see all shipments for the past 45 days.

  6. Contact UPS at 1-800-877-1497 for general inquiries.

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