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Buy Express Mail and Delivery Services

VCU may utilize established Fedex and UPS contracts for express mail and delivery services. The P-Card is the required method of payment. These purchases are considered exempt and do not have to be entered in the eVA system.

Step by Step

FedEx (E&I Contract)

  1. Set up a FedEx Account

    Existing Customers: Individuals with an existing account should verify that the E&I contract pricing is being applied. Contact Gayle Gilbert ( or Drew Wilson ( if you have any questions about your existing account

    New Customers: A new account may be established under the E&I contract by completing the online application. It takes approximately four (4) to seven (7) business days to establish a new FedEx account and you will receive a confirmation email from FedEx.

    Transfer to a another VCU department
    Individuals who transfer to another department should establish a new “User ID” and link the new “User Id” to the applicable VCU account number.

    Account information may be corrected by:

    1. Sending an email to:; or
    2. Calling the Government Hotline (800-645-9424)
  2. View Contract Number and Pricing

    Contract Number: CNR-01193
    Contract information can be accessed through the E&I Website (an E & I login will be required).

    Express and ground package delivery pricing information is available through: FedEx Contract Pricing; the rates for the package and delivery services reflect the net discounted price:

    A fuel surcharge will be added to every express and ground delivery service. View Current Fuel surcharge Information. Fuel surcharge is subject to change on a monthly basis.

  3. Ground Service vs Air Service

    It is more economical to ship using ground services. FedEx provides next day service to Virginia and 1-2 day service to locations in the eastern part of the United States. The map on the FedEx site provides information on transit days for ground services.

    To obtain ground sevice, you must establish a user Id and password at Once logged in, go to Ship - Prepare Shipment to generate a label and schedule a pick up. A ground pick up will be made the next business day.

    For assistance, contact Tech Support (1-877-339-2774).

  4. Purchase and Payment

    The use of a P-Card is required for all express delivery purchases. However, all past due invoices must be paid through Accounts Payable.  To make a purchase with your P-card please complete the following steps:

    1. Establish the account with your P-card by contacting the FedEx Billing Hotline (800-622-1147); ensure your FedEx account information is updated to reflect the current P-Card expiration date (FedEx cannot process a P-Card order if the P-Card is expired).
    2. Individuals can download invoices that include the shipment details for reconciliation / charge backs, and pay invoices online with their P-card through FedEx Billing Online. The following link includes includes a demo and the ability to register for this option (as a security measure, you may be required to provide your last 2 FedEx invoice numbers)The “Ground Service” login can be used for the FedEx Billing Online login. For assistance, contact Tech Support (1-877-339-2774) and select the prompt for
  5. Track a Shipment

    FedEx InSight, through, provides users with real-time shipment visibility so you can manage shipments more efficiently. InSight is available to all customers free of charge. Locate InSight on from the 'Track' tab or directly at

  6. FedEx Contact Information

    For general information or to schedule a pick up, please call: 1-800-Go-FedEx (1-800-463-3339)
    For International Customer Service, please call: 800-247-4747
    For billing questions, please call: 800-645-9424 or email
    For technical support, please call: 1-877-339-2774
    For questions regarding the express and ground package delivery series, pricing and/or account information please contact:

    Gayle Gilbert, World Wide Account Manager
    Phone: 703-599-1580

    Drew Wilson, Market Development Account Executive
    Phone: 804-238-5100
    Fax: 901-471-5426

UPS (State Contract)

  1. Set up a UPS Account for your department.

    1. a. Send an email to and provide the following
      • Account Name (usually the department name)
      • Pickup address for packages
      • A contact name, number, and email address
      • Billing Address
      • Any specific pickup needs
      • Desired normal pickup time
  2. View Contract Number and Pricing

    Contract Number: E194-1383

    Contract Rates are shown below:

    UPS Pricing»
    UPS Accessorial Fees »
    UPS Weight and Size »

  3. Purchase and Payment

    The use of a P-Card is required for all express delivery purchases. The P-Card can be easily utilized to automatically have the weekly UPS invoice billed to the card. You'll still receive a weekly invoice from UPS for reference.

  4. Track a Shipment

    Track a shipment with the UPS tracking link. UPS Quantum View Manage can be used for a shipper to see all shipments for the past 45 days.

  5. Contact UPS at 1-800-877-1497 for support or contract inquiries.