Buy Stationery

Step by Step

  1. Understand the Role of VCU Marketing

    VCU Marketing maintains the university's mandatory stationary contract. All university and VCU Medical Center stationery products must be purchased through this contract. Please refer to the VCU Identity site for information regarding the stationery contract.

  2. Order Stationery through eVA

    eVA is currently the only option for ordering stationery. Therefore, you must obtain eVA access or have someone in your department with eVA access place the order for you. If you are paying with a P-Card, you must still enter an eVA requisition. If you are paying with an MCV Hospital or Physicians billing code, please go through this link:

    1. Login to eVA
    2. Click eMall / eForms
    3. Create Requisition > Next
    4. Search B&B Printing under Punchout Catalogs
    5. Click Stationery Products-VCU-PCARD Orders Only - S
    6. Click Continue at bottom of eCATALOG LOGIN
    7. Select the relevant product category to select and order products

For More Information

Contact Bob Saydlowski - (804) 827-0904