Buy Stationery

Step by Step

  1. Understand the Role of VCU Marketing

    VCU Marketing maintains the university's mandatory stationary contract. All university and VCU Medical Center stationery products must be purchased through this contract. Please refer to the for information regarding the stationery contract.

  2. Order Stationery through RealSource

    All VCU (university) stationery must be ordered through RealSource. P-cards may not be used. If you are paying with an MCV Hospital or Physicians billing code, please go through this link:

    1. Login to RealSource
    2. From the home screen, click on the B&B Printing catalog icon.
    3. Select and create stationery items using the automated catalog.
    4. Submit order back to RealSource. This will take you to a RealSource shopping cart.
    5. Proceed to Checkout (if you are a RealSource requester or approver) or Assign Cart (if you are a RealSource shopper) as you normally would for RealSource orders.

For More Information

Contact Bob Saydlowski - (804) 827-0904

For RealSource questions, please submit a Cherwell Ticket.

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