Ensure Vendor is Set up in eVA & RealSource

Before a Purchase Order can be created, the department must verify the vendor is in the eVA and RealSource systems.

eVA Step by Step

  1. Access the Commonwealth of Virginia's eVA website at https://eva.virginia.gov or use the Quick Links on the RealSource homepage (top / center)

  2. Select the "Transparency" tab

  3. Select "eVA Vendor List"

  4. Under “Registration Type," Select "Self-Registered"

  5. In the upper left corner, key the vendor's name. As with many other search engines, you may need to key the vendor's name in various ways in order to locate the vendor

  6. If the vendor is found, it is "active" in eVA and no further action is required

  7. If the vendor is not found (not self-registered), it is the department's responsibility to work directly with the vendor to ensure the vendor registers in eVA, prior to making a purchase

  8. If the vendor does not register in eVA and the department issues a purchase anyway, the vendor's eVA fees may be charged back to the department

  9. Note, it is important that when you seek pricing from vendors, that you alert them of the eVA fee requirements ahead of time so that they adjust the prices they provide to you to accommodate their responsibility to pay eVA fees. Vendors can find info about eVA fees at: https://dgs.virginia.gov/globalassets/business-units/dps/documents/billing/Current-eVA-Fees-Effective-07-01-2014.pdf

RealSource Step by Step

Access the university's RealSource User Help-Guide to look up vendors in RealSource.

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