Receive in RealSource

The receiving function is an important and necessary control in ensuring funds are expended appropriately. Receivers should view and inspect all items to verify receipt. If the receiver is not certain of receipt, supporting documentation such as an email from the employee (other than the approver) who verified the receipt must be obtained.


  • Receiving should be completed as soon as the merchandise or service has been delivered.
  • Not receiving in a timely manner will delay payment to the vendor.
  • Before processing the receiving report, the receiver should verify that the merchandise or service was received.
  • The packing slip for goods or an email from the individual who received the merchandise or service should be attached to the RealSource receiving transaction.
  • Receiving should not be completed in RealSource unless the departmental receiver has knowledge that the merchandise or service was delivered. No RealSource receiver should be completed from a verbal request.
  • For instructions on how to receive in RealSource go the Help-Guide.

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