Use a Customs Broker

Customs brokers shepherd international deliveries through import and export requirements and regulatory government agencies. They may process government-required paperwork, collaborate with customs agents to ensure the clearance and eventual delivery of items, and track the status of imports and exports as they move through various agencies and processes. Virginia Commonwealth University has contracted with Airschott for customs brokerage services to support departments placing international orders subject to import regulations. Airschott’s team of experts manage the intricacies of trade regulations and agreements as a representative of Virginia Commonwealth University. By utilizing Airschott for customs clearance, you can closely manage your international shipping needs.

The U.S. The Customs and Border Protection agency provides a video overview of import and export processes and requirements on their website.

For guidance or advice on whether or not your purchase is subject to import controls, contact the VCU Export Compliance Office at

Step by Step

  1. Contact VCU's Airschott Representative

    Contact Melinda Viz, the Airschott representative working with VCU, at 202-251-2335 or via email at

  2. Place a RealSource Requisition to Airschott for $500

    $500 is an estimate of service. Airschott will provide a final invoice once the imported item clears U.S. Customs or other regulatory agency. The PO will be amended via a change request to cover the actual cost of services once invoiced by Airschott.

  3. Place a Requisition to the Vendor

    Order the items from the vendor through RealSource as normal. Guidance on checking if vendors are active in RealSource is available on the VCU Procurement website.

  4. Send Required Documents to Airschott

    Once the PO for the imported goods is approved and sent to the vendor, the department should send a copy of the PO, a quote for the goods provided by the vendor, and the importing questionnaire to Melinda Viz at Airschott.

  5. Notify the Vendor

    Lastly, the department should notify the vendor providing the imported goods that VCU is utilizing Airschott as a customs broker.


     If you have questions about this process please contact

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