Facilitate Purchases over $10,000

Departments may purchase goods and services under delegated authority up to $10,000. Requisitions for purchases of goods or services over $10,000 are routed electronically to Purchasing. The requisition is assigned to a buyer whose role is to ensure the department’s needs are met and the procurement process is in compliance with procurement policy. Buyers provide advice and guidance to departments throughout the procurement process.

Buyer Responsibilities

  • Determine the most efficient and cost effective way to meet the needs of the department
  • Communicate with the department regarding the procurement process
  • Assist in identifying vendors
  • Ensure supplier diversity
  • Review and negotiate contracts
  • Assist the department in resolving contract administration issues

For information regarding the process for making a purchase under or over the delegated authority please go to:

Make a Purchase of $10,000 or Less »
Make A Purchase over $10,000»

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