Corporate Card Program

The Corporate Card Program refers to the administration and oversight of the two cards issued by VCU: Purchasing Card (P-Card) and Travel Card. The P-Card is a university liability card designed to help streamline the procurement and payment processes for small purchases. The Travel Card is a personal liability card issued to employees who incur significant travel-related expenses as part of their regular job duties.

Services Provided by the Corporate Card Program:

  • • Process requests for new cards and account closures
  • • Online training regarding proper use of the card and departmental reconciliation procedures
  • • Reconciliation between Bank of America (card issuer) and VCU
  • • Periodic review and reporting of card usage
  • • Periodic compliance review
  • • Respond to all inquiries regarding the Corporate Card Program

For information regarding the process to obtain or use a card, please refer to:

Use a P-Card »
Request a Travel Card »

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