Understanding Reviewer Responsibilities

Along with understanding cardholder responsibilities, Reviewers must also understand that they are equally accountable for P-Card purchases.

Signing off on a charge in Works is a statement that says you have reviewed the charge and documentation and that both are in compliance. If you sign off on a charge that is not in compliance, this can result in a violation for the Reviewer as well as the Cardholder.

Reviewer responsibilities include, but are not limited to ensuring the following:

  • All purchases are valid business expenses that in compliance with procurement policies. For more information on what cardholders can and cannot purchase click here: Know What I Can and Cannot Purchase
  • Monthly reconciliation is supported with sufficient documentation; including detailed original receipts that match the charges on the card. See the online reconciliation guide for more information about the sign off process.
  • When applicable, items such as office and technology supplies are purchased from contracted vendors. For more information about buying goods off of a contract click here: Make a Purchase
  • Charges are not split and card limits are not exceeded
  • Merchandise purchased with the card has not been returned for store credit
  • State sales tax was not charged. If so, the refund was processed and documented

Flagging Transactions:

If a Reviewer cannot sign off on charge due to a transactional, shipping or receiving error, CorpCard encourages the Reviewer to flag the transaction in Works. Flagging the transaction will send the charge back to the cardholder’s queue until the reconciliation process can be completed correctly.

Important reminder:

  • Flagging a transaction must not be used to conceal a transaction or delay online reconciliation when a cardholder does not have, or cannot provide, proper documentation. If your cardholder signs off on a transaction before obtaining proper documentation – this is a violation.

Things to look out for when signing off on transactions:

  • Monthly reconciliation is completed timely
  • Flowers are not purchased for employees or their family
  • Virginia sales taxes are not paid to vendors
  • The card number has not been photocopied, emailed or faxed
  • Appropriate approval is not missing for expenditures that require special approval
  • Receipts are not missing
  • The card is not shared with a supervisor and/or co-workers
  • Multiple orders are not placed in order to circumvent the established limit

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