Dispute a Charge

When the cardholder identifies a problem with a purchased item or with billing resulting from the use of the P-Card, the disputes can typically be resolved directly between the cardholder and the vendor.

Step by Step

  1. Contact the Vendor to Resolve the Issue

    Maintain documentation to support actions taken.

  2. When Returning Item(s)

    Send item back based on Vendor’s instructions. Documentation of the return (such as a credit receipt) should be issued by the vendor and kept on file by the cardholder for reconciliation to the monthly statement.

  3. Request a Credit to the P-Card

    Cardholders must specifically request a credit to the P-Card for any return or price discrepancy that was originally charged to the card. This credit will appear on a subsequent monthly statement. If a vendor refuses to credit the P-Card, the cardholder may obtain a store credit after obtaining approval from the VCU Corporate Card Administration Team. It must be used by the cardholder for legitimate departmental business purposes only. The receipt for the use of the store credit must be retained with the cardholder’s supporting documentation for audit purposes.

  4. Contact the Card Administration Team

    If you are unable to resolve a dispute with the vendor, contact the corporate card administration team at corpcard@vcu.edu. Provided the notification is made within 60 days of the charge, the card provider will investigate and assist in resolving the dispute on the cardholder’s behalf.

For More Information

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For help, please submit a Cherwell service ticket
Look Under School/Unit IT Support
Under Procurement Services, select P-Card

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