Cancel the P-Card

Whether you are changing departments or leaving VCU’s employment, you must email prior to your separation date to request the card be cancelled.

Step by Step

  1. Turn in Your Card

    On or before your last day, turn your card in to your reviewer or supervisor to shred. In addition, complete your final reconciliation for all outstanding transactions, submit supporting documentation to your reviewer.

    If someone else in your department needs a card, they will need to apply for a card in their own name. If you were to transfer to a new department, you will be able to submit a new application listing your new supervisor/reviewer and contact information to receive a new card.

  2. Contact Bank of America and Program Administrator if Card is Lost or Stolen

    If the card is lost or stolen, the cardholder must immediately notify Bank of America at (888) 449-2273 and VCU’s program administrator at Cardholder will need to confirm with Bank of America that no fraudulent activity has occurred or document fraudulent charges if needed.

For More Information

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For help, please submit a Cherwell service ticket
Look Under School/Unit IT Support
Under Procurement Services, select P-Card

Edit | Last updated: 07/10/2020