Pay an Independent Contractor


An Independent Contractor is an individual who has entered into a contractual agreement to provide goods or services to the University and meets all of the following criteria:

  • Is not currently an employee of the University;
  • Has no expectation of becoming an employee at the end of the contractual service;
  • Relied or will rely upon own expertise rather than following specific instructions from the department regarding performance of the required work;
  • Performed the work to the specifications of, but not under the direction of, a University employee or student;
  • Did not have the required number of work hours and/or days of the week set by the University.

Step by Step

  1. Qualify your Recipient

    Ensure that the recipients meet the above criteria. Further information is provided here. Current VCU students may be paid as an Independent Contractor as long as they meet all criteria.

    If an individual is a non-resident alien, see the Global Education Office website for detailed instructions and required forms prior to entering into an Independent Contractor agreement with the individual.

  2. Determine if the Independent Contractor is Set Up in eVA & Banner

  3. Complete Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) Form Prior to Service

    The ICA form must be completed by the department requesting services in advance of the commencement of services. Ensure the following information is entered onto the ICA form:

    • Name - Insert full, legal name as it is listed in the Banner Financial System. Do not use abbreviations or nicknames.
    • Banner ID (V#)
    • Address - Insert home address as listed in Banner.
  4. Create a Purchase Order

    Create a purchase order in eVA. For payments exceeding $10,000, send the completed ICA form to the assigned buyer in University Purchasing prior to commencement of services. The amount of payment must reflect the total amount for all services to be provided. For example, if the individual will be paid $2,500/quarter the amount of payment is $10,000

  5. Receive in Banner

    Upon completion of services, receive in Banner
  6. Submit the Invoice

    Upon completion of services, submit an invoice. The ICA form serves as the invoice.

  7. Verify Payment

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