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Submit an Invoice

Below are instructions for submitting invoices to Accounts Payable for payment. Invoices may refer to vendor invoices or other forms that serve as invoices (ICA form, honorarium, etc.)

Step by Step

  1. Determine if Vendor Participates in the Electronic Invoice System. If Vendor Does Not Participate, Continue to Step 2.

    Listed below are the vendors who are currently submitting invoices to Accounts Payable via the electronic invoicing process. To eliminate duplication of work, paper invoices from these vendors should no longer be sent to Accounts Payable. This list is constantly updated so please refer to this listing often.

    Electronic Invoicing Vendors Vendor # Go Live Date
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    Amergent, Inc. V00652548 03/30/2015
    Arcet Equipment Company V00224069 03/19/2012
    Attronica Computers, Inc. V00220699 11/21/2011
    Audio Fidelity Communications Corp.
    dba The Whitlock Group
    V00223851 11/21/2011
    BCWH Inc V00221183 03/31/2015
    Beckman Coulter Inc. V00220323 11/21/2011
    BioLegend, Inc. V00225532 11/21/2011
    C and C Electrical Service Inc. V00227278 03/19/2012
    Caliper Inc. V00224545 03/19/2012
    Caption First, Inc. V00227280 03/30/2015
    Carolina Biological Supply V00220294 03/19/2012
    Cayman Chemical V00227143 11/21/2011
    Commonwealth Blinds V00224693 02/06/2012
    Conquest Graphics V00227213 09/26/2012
    Dell Marketing *Punchout Catalog* V00222035 04/16/2012
    Dharmacon, Inc. V00224394 11/21/2011
    Diamond Springs Water Co. Inc. V00224087 11/21/2011
    Drake Precision Dental Lab V00223977 09/19/2011
    Electron Microscopy Sciences V00224142 11/21/2011
    Entry Guard Systems Inc. V00224890 03/19/2012
    Evoqua Water Technologies V00701746 04/24/2014
    Fisher Scientific *Punchout Catalog* V00220290 10/30/2013
    Gilson V00220336 02/06/2012
    Harlan Laboratories V00224135 09/19/2011
    Henry Schein V00220381 02/06/2012
    Integrated DNA Technologies V00223907 10/23/2013
    James River Facility Services V00474949 11/21/2011
    Licor V00223918 02/06/2012
    PerkinElmer Health Sciences Inc. V00283797 11/21/2011
    Promega Biotec V00220354 03/19/2012
    Promotional Considerations V00225027 03/19/2012
    Qiagen Inc. V00222296 01/09/2013
    Quality Biological V00271965 02/06/2012
    Rutherford Supply Corporation V00220304 11/21/2011
    Santa Cruz Biotechnology Inc
    *Punchout Catalog*
    V00227247 12/05/2012
    Shenandoah Publications Inc. V00449064 11/21/2011
    Siemens Industry Inc. V00241323 06/11/2012
    Sigma Aldrich
    *Punchout Catalog*
    V00220443 06/20/2013
    Signs Unlimited V00224111 03/21/2011
    SimplexGrinnell LP V00220988 03/31/2015
    Sycom Technologies LLC V00224418 03/31/2015
    Ultra-Violet Laser Supplies, Inc. V00224654 11/21/2011
    Uptown Color V00220913 02/06/2012
    Vector Laboratories, Inc. V00224197 11/21/2011
    VWR *Punchout Catalog* V00220725 02/11/2013
  2. Submission of Invoice to Accounts Payable

    1. Reference the purchase order number in the subject line of the email
    2. Attach the scanned invoice
    • A scanned document should include only one original invoice and supporting documents. Multiple invoices should not be scanned together as one document since they cannot be separated to scan into ImageNow. Only one invoice per scanned document will be processed for payment. The purchase order number must also be on the invoice; otherwise, the email will be returned to the department.
  3. Retain the Original Document in Department’s Files

    Do not duplicate efforts by sending the scanned copy and then sending the original in the mail.

  4. Contact Accounts Payable Under Special Circumstances

    Do not use for past due invoices such as invoice copies, dated invoices, etc., that require further research by a vendor analyst to determine payment status. These invoices should be faxed to the senior vendor analysts or arrangements should be made to scan and email the invoice directly to them.

    If a payment requires special handling (expedites, etc.), contact the Help Desk staff or Accounts Payable Manager rather than emailing the invoice to the aforementioned email address.