Submit an Invoice

Below are instructions for submitting vendor invoices sent to departments to Accounts Payable for payment. To pay Independent Contractors, click here for instructions.

Step by Step

  1. Submission of Invoice to Accounts Payable

    • Ensure the purchase order is present in RealSource and has been received.
    • Original invoices should be mailed to Accounts Payable by the vendor. However, if the vendor sends the original invoice to the department, the department should within 24 hours scan and email it to, which has been set up for internal VCU use only.
    1. Reference the Purchase Order Number in the email subject line, with no additional words/numbers/spaces/symbols.
    2. Include the scanned invoice, as either a JPG or PDF file attachment.
    • A scanned document should include only one original invoice and supporting documents. Multiple invoices should not be submitted together in a single email since they cannot be separated to scan into ImageNow. Only one invoice per scanned document will be processed for payment. The purchase order number must also be on the invoice; otherwise, the email will be returned to the department.
  2. Retain the Original Document in Department's Files

    Do not duplicate efforts by sending the scanned copy and then sending the original in the mail.

  3. Expedite Payment Requests

    Submit the invoice to if it has not been previously sent to Accounts Payable. (cc the appropriate analyst). Please include an explanation and the reason for the expedite request. The invoice will be processed accordingly on the next available check run.

  4. Statements and Past Due Invoices

    Do not use for past due invoices, statements or payment status of invoices. These requests should be emailed to the senior vendor analysts. Please include with your request any documentation that is available.

    Contact the Help Desk staff if you have any questions.

Edit | Last updated: 10/28/2021