August 2023

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Procurement Services

RealSource Blind Receiving

After hearing suggestions on how to improve timely purchase order receipts and exploring options with Jaggaer and department stakeholders, we have turned off blind receiving as of August 1st. This will allow order quantity to be viewed while receiving items in Realsource. This change provides greater visibility into order quantity and should help to improve the accuracy of receipts in Realsource.

Social Security Waiver Request

The Internal Revenue Service requires a 1099 to be filed for miscellaneous/non-employee compensation payments exceeding $600 in a single calendar year. To file a 1099, the Social Security Number (SSN) is necessary. This waiver request is used to seek a waiver for collecting SSN's from research participants when payments are not likely to exceed $600 in a calendar year and

  • gathering SSN's will limit participation,
  • or when the study or participants have demonstrable hardship to providing SSN's.

If approved, the waiver is only valid on a study by study basis and each study will require its own approved waiver. Please refer to Compensate Research or Study Participant.

Travel Information

Rental Car - Enterprise/National is our Contracted Vendor

VCU has a contract with Enterprise/National that covers all of our rental car needs when traveling in the US. In addition, Enterprise has over 9500 Worldwide locations. Travelers should be using Enterprise/National rental as their first rental car option, whether traveling within or outside the state of Virginia. In order to receive all of our contractual benefits, including the insurance coverages with Enterprise/National, secure the rental using VCU’s contract number XZ21184. VCU rates are as low as $31.75/day for economy/compact cars.

EZ Pass/Tolls - VCU will reimburses only the cost of tolls incurred during travel. Enterprise charges a per usage day fee (between $3.95-$4.95), plus the amount of the tolls.

Personally-Owned Vehicles and mileage reimbursement

Travelers are permitted to use their personally owned vehicles when an Enterprise/National contract vehicle is not available, or when the use of a personally owned vehicle is cost-beneficial to the University. VCU does not reimburse mileage in lieu of or based on the cost comparison of another transportation option (air/rail/rental).

Reminder: Travelers must use the most direct, practical and economical route of travel, either by air, rail, rental or personal vehicle. The use of State funds to accommodate personal comfort, convenience and taste is not permitted.

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