Department Email Addresses

Centralized Email Addresses

There are numerous central email accounts managed by Procurement Services. Departments are encouraged to use these central email addresses for the purposes described below. If you send an email to a central account you should not also email or copy an individual in that area. These accounts were set up to ensure emails are received in the appropriate area to respond to your requirements.
Used to send any correspondence pertaining to the Commercial Card.
Used when a department has a contract or an agreement from a vendor that requires signature. View Submit a Vendor Contract for Signature.
Used to send any questions, information or request to the corporate card program administration team.
Used if a department receives an original vendor invoice. The department may scan and email it to Procurement Services rather than sending it through campus mail. See directions located at: Submit an Invoice
Used to send any correspondence pertaining to the RealSource Procure-to-Pay System.
Used to send any correspondence pertaining to University Travel and Personal Reimbursements.
Used to send W-9's if a vendor needs to be created in Banner.

Edit | Last updated: 05/24/2023