Contract Administration


Procurement can provide assistance to departments in addressing serious contract administration issues with vendors. University departments are responsible for administering contracts that have been established for their use. Departments must monitor the contractor's performance to ensure that the contractor provides the required goods and/or services in accordance with all of the applicable terms and conditions of the contract. If departments encounter problems that cannot be resolved directly with the Contractor, then they should contact Procurement for assistance in resolving the problem. Procurement takes vendor issues very seriously in an effort to ensure the best goods and services for users. Department input is a valuable tool and helps identify and document poor vendor performance that may result in Procurement debarring the vendor from doing business with the University. Serious vendor issues should be escalated to University Procurement. The purchasing staff will review the situation and take the appropriate action. For information regarding the department’s role and responsibility in Contract Administration, and information regarding reporting vendor issues, please refer to Understand Contract Administration.

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