Compliance and Audit


University travel policies and procedures exist to provide focused direction to University travelers and facilitate business needs. Refer to the appropriate I Want To Travel subsection to learn about policy for specific travel scenarios. Procurement Services provides periodic travel policy and procedure updates to highlight changes that affect University users and to reinforce existing guidelines.

Audit of Travel Documents

The individual traveler and the department are responsible for ensuring that travel expenses are reasonable and do not include personal charges. In addition, the travel team within Procurement Services reviews all travel documentation to adjust per-diem rates and mileage, and to ensure that state funds are allocated in a lawful manner. This includes a review for disallowed expenses, such as: alcoholic beverages, entertainment, and fines or charges due to the negligence of the traveler. The team communicates with departments regarding incomplete or inaccurate reimbursement request submissions and aids in the resolution process.

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