Procurement Services works with university departments to secure and administer contracts that meet the Commonwealth of Virginia and the university contracting standards for the purchase of goods, services, construction and equipment.

Services Provided:

  1. Review contracts and amendments for the purchase of university goods, services, construction and equipment for compliance with university contracting standards
  2. Negotiate or assist in the negotiation of contracts
  3. Execute all purchase contracts and amendments
  4. Record and safeguard contracts in a central university repository
  5. Process contract renewals
  6. Set parameters for the administration of contracts
  7. Provide support for contract amendments and/or disputes

To be valid, all purchases contracts and amendments must be executed by the Director of Procurement Services or their management. The University’s Contracts program is the shared responsibility of two groups within Procurement Services: Purchasing and Contracts.

Because purchases > $10,000 require University Purchasing’s involvement, these contracts must be processed by departments using a purchase request through University Purchasing via a RealSource Purchase Request form. University Purchasing further coordinates with the Contracts Team, if needed.

Contracts for purchases < or = $10,000 do not require University Purchasing’s involvement. You may issue a Purchase Order to make the purchase. If the vendor requires a signature, then the contract must be processed using a contact request through the Contracts Team via a RealSource Contracts+ Request. You should not sign vendor contract documents..

For more information view Manage Contracts.

For More Information

Questions relating to contract reviews, signatures, changes, renewals, or vendor non-performance should be emailed to the appropriate Contracts Manager as provided in the contract record in Contracts+. General questions about contracts may be sent to

Questions about Contracts+ or RealSource should be emailed to or calls can be made to (804) 828-1077, Option 6.

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