Learn the Basics

Step by Step

  1. Understanding the eVA Requirement

    State law requires that 75 percent of the university’s purchasing dollars go to eVA-registered vendor ordering locations. Firms that do not register in eVA may be precluded from doing business with VCU and other agencies of the commonwealth. Both vendors and VCU are assessed an eVA fee on all such orders, with some exemptions.

  2. Compliance and Your Role as an eVA User

    View Learn about Compliance.

  3. Search for a Vendor in eVA

    1. Log in to the eVA System
      • Log in to eVA as a Buyer
      • Log in using lowercase letters
      • If you get locked out of your account click on the Password Problems? link
    2. Click on eMail (Shop Now)
    3. Click on “Report & Resource Center”
    4. Open the report “General Vendor Information” (101)
    5. Select “I want data for one vendor” and “Vendor Tax ID” and then proceed to enter the Vendor’s Tax ID number in the data field
    6. Run the Report

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