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Request a Travel Advance

Travel advances may be issued to University faculty and staff to aid with the purchase of travel related expenses. Travel Advances must be requested through Chrome River as an Expense Report. Travel Advances are no longer associated with Pre-Approvals and are not required to be attached to the Expense Report containing the advance request.

Travel Advance Procedures

  • The travel advance must be reconciled within 30 days from the last date of travel.
  • If the advance remains unreconciled 45 days from the last date of travel, paperwork will be sent to Payroll to recover the balance of the advance through payroll deduction and the department will be charged a $50 administrative late fee . Additional travel advances will not be issued to any individual who is delinquent in settling a travel advance.
  • Travel advances are not issued to employees who have a sufficient line of credit on the corporate travel card or whose corporate travel card has been cancelled by the corporate card program administrator due to delinquent payments, personal use or failure to respond to audit and compliance requests. Advances are not issued for air or rail fares, since those expenses may be paid directly to the approved travel agencies or paid through the corporate card programs.
  • Advances are not issued if expenses are estimated to be less than $100. Advances will only be issued in whole dollar amounts.
  • In situations where an advance remains unsettled because the traveler is no longer associated with the University, or the traveler is affiliated with the University but is not on the University payroll system, the department that approved the advance becomes responsible for repayment.

Step by Step

  1. Request the Travel Advance in Chrome River

    Log into Chrome River and go to the Expense Tab. Select Request a New Expense Report. Choose Travel Advance from the expense bar. The “Pay Date” is the date that VCU Treasury will send your deposit to your bank. Please allow up to 3 business days for your bank to make the funds available. The “Pay Date” must be no more than 10 days prior to the Start Date of travel. Please also fill in the trip start and end dates. There is no need to choose an index code since the funds come from the Travel Advance clearing account.

  2. Track the Travel Advance in Chrome River

    The travel advance will reside in your “Submitted Expenses” queue on the Expense tab. Once the travel advance has been approved, it will be sent to Banner with the status “Exported.” Once the travel advance has been paid, the status will change to “Paid,” and it will appear in red on your Chrome River Dashboard as a “Cash Advance” bank.

  3. Reconcile within 30 Days after the Trip

    Complete an expense report in Chrome River to reconcile your travel expenses to the travel advance amount. The fully approved expense report total will be deducted from the “Cash Advance Bank” shown in Chrome River.

    If your reconciliation expense report shows travel expenses were higher than the travel advance, you will receive a reimbursement for the difference.

    If your reconciliation expense report shows travel expenses were lower than the travel advance, repayment of the travel advance balance must be paid to VCU. Checks must be made out to VCU and delivered to Procurement Services at 912 W. Grace Street, 5th Floor, 8:00am – 4:30pm.

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