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    VCU P-card Policy and Works Training for Cardholders and Reviewers

    This training will highlight Works functionality that includes Receipt Imaging and GL Allocations. It will also teach users P-card policy and take them through the online reconciliation process using the Bank of America Works tool.

    VCU Corpcard provides two sets of trainings: one for cardholders and one for Reviewers. Users with both responsibilities are encouraged to take the Reviewer course.

    Christopherson Business Travel Training

    This training will be an introduction to VCU’s travel management company, Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) and our Online Booking Tool. During the training we will take a look into our mandatory use contract, discuss who’s required to use CBT, and take a tutorial of the online tool including how to fill out your profile, how to book a trip, and navigate the tool.

    Travel Policy and Chrome River Training

    Travel Services will provide a look into VCU travel policy, as well as show a demo of our online reimbursement tool, Chrome River. Chrome River topics include assigning delegates, creating pre-approvals and expense reports, travel advances and guest reimbursements.

    Procurement and Payment Basics

    This training session is an introductory class on purchasing and accounts payable policies and procedures. The course also serves as a good refresher for experienced departmental purchasing coordinators or fiscal administrators. It should be required for new employees involved in the purchase of goods and services.

    Advanced Procurement Policies and Procedures

    The Advanced Procurement Polices and Procedures training session addresses complex procurement processes, contract administration and ethics. This training should be attended by experienced employees involved in the purchase of goods and services, and should be required for the fiscal administrators and individuals responsible for establishing and administering major term contracts.

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    Unless otherwise noted, registration for these classes is available online. Choose “Office of Procurement Services” in the sponsor drop down menu to find a class.