Understand Business Meal Per Diem Limits

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  1. Understand Meal Per Diem Limits

    • The GSA’s CONUS/OCONUS per diem rates are used to determine allowable meal per diem rates. GSA’s Per Diem Breakdown Chart is used to determine the applicable allowable per diem rate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These rates are automatically loaded in Chrome River.
    • The listed GSA rates are inclusive of all taxes, tips and service fees. Chrome River will base the rate on the city indicated in the tool, which must be the city in which the meal took place.
    • Business meals may be reimbursed up to 150% of the base allowable rate, inclusive of all taxes, tips and service fees. If a business meal exceeds 150% of the applicable meal per diem rate, the overage must be placed on local funds or deducted from the reimbursement in Chrome River.

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