Plan an Overtime Meal

An overtime meal allowance is a fixed dollar amount allowed while working or traveling in an overtime status. Overtime status is when work or travel time occurs beyond an employee’s normal, scheduled work hours, but not overnight. An employee would not be eligible for an overtime meal until they had out of necessity been on duty for 10 hours. Therefore, overtime meal allowance does not apply during overnight travel status.

Step by Step

  1. Qualifying for Overtime Status

    An overtime meal allowance is allowed when overtime work is:

    • essential to the University's mission
    • permitted by University policy
    • approved by appropriate University personnel, and
    • in excess of the employee’s normal, scheduled work hours
  2. Know the Reimbursement Limits

    Authorized overtime meals may be reimbursed based on actual costs incurred for each meal up to $7.50 outside the official station or up to $5 within an employee's official station. An official station is defined as the area within a 25-mile radius of where an employee routinely performs his/her duties.

  3. Required Documentation

    • Itemized receipt
    • Number of hours in the field must be indicated in the Notes section of the Overtime Meal widget within Chrome River
  4. Report the Meal Allowance to Payroll Services.

    The University is required to comply with IRS regulations regarding reportable meals. An overtime meal allowance based on the number of hours worked is considered taxable wages and must be reported to Payroll Services by the submitting department.

For More Information

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For help, please submit a Cherwell service ticket
Look Under School/Unit IT Support
Under Procurement Services, select Travel and Reimbursement

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