Request a Revenue Refund

The return of overpayments or other revenue collected from individuals or businesses is referred to as a revenue refund. Examples of items revenue refunds that are commonly seen are: conference or meeting registrations, parking subscriptions, lab deposits, etc.

Step by Step

  1. Know Your Responsibilities as an Authorized Approver

    In summary, the Authorized Approver must verify that Revenue Refund Request meets all the following criteria:

    • The expenses were necessary and consistent with university policies and View Purchase Order, Receiving, & Payment Information in Bannerprocedures.
    • The information contained on the revenue refund form and in the attached documentation is accurate; and
    • The expenditure is charged to the proper index(s) and account(s).
    • The approver may not be the individual receiving the refund
  2. Determine if the Recipient is Set Up in Banner

    View Ensure Vendor is Set Up in Banner for instructions.

    If YES, then proceed to Step 3.

    If NO, department must have the recipient fill out a substitute W-9 form and send it to so the vendor can be set up in Banner. Allow at least 24 hours for Vendor Create to process the W-9 request and then check back in Banner to ensure the vendor has been set up.

  3. Complete Revenue Refund Form

    The following information is required for reimbursement and must be entered on the Revenue_Refund_Form‌:

    • V# for VCU employees and students or social security number for those without a V# (non VCU affiliated individuals)
    • The person being reimbursed must be the person who made the payment
    • Description of the refund/justification, with documentation attached
    • Valid index, account number (s), and amount for refund. The index and account codes should match the index and account to which the funds were originally deposited.
    • Certification signature by the Authorized Approver
  4. Submit Documentation

    All revenue refunds must have either the original receipts or supporting documents attached. You may attach a copy of the receipt and indicate, “Records and receipts are on file in the [department name]” in the body of the revenue refund voucher.

  5. Verify Payment

    View Purchase Order, Receiving & Payment Information in Banner.