Replenish a Department Petty Cash Fund

VCU Treasury Reporting is responsible for the establishment and oversight of Department Petty Cash funds. Accounts Payable is only responsible for processing the replenishment of a Department Petty Cash fund to the department custodian.

Step by Step

  1. Complete the Direct Pay Form

    Petty cash replenishments are made through a Direct Pay Form. The Direct Pay Form should be signed by the Requester (Custodian) and Authorized Approver.

  2. Submit Direct Pay Form and Original Receipts

    Department must maintain documentation of expenses paid out of the Petty Cash fund to include original receipts. Mail Direct Pay Form and original receipts to Accounts Payable at Box 980327.

  3. Receive Reimbursement Check

    Custodian will receive a reimbursement check in their name mailed to their campus address. The custodian may cash the check at a bank branch or the University cashier's office. Please call ahead to the cashier's office at (804) 828-8774 if the check is for a large dollar amount.

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