Pay a Preceptor

Preceptor payments are token payments made to medical professionals (non-employees) for supervising students in a clinical setting to allow practical experience with patients.

Step by Step

  1. Determine if the Recipient is Set Up in Banner.

    View Ensure Vendor is Set Up in Banner for instructions.

    If YES, then proceed to Step 2.

    If NO, department must have the recipient fill out a substitute W-9 form and send it to so the preceptor can be set up in Banner. Allow at least 24 hours for Vendor Create to process the W-9 request and then check back in Banner to ensure the vendor has been set up.

  2. Complete Preceptor Payments Form

    Ensure the following information is entered onto the Preceptor Payments Form:

    • Name - Insert full, legal name as it is listed in the Banner Financial System. Do not use abbreviations.
    • Banner ID (V#)
    • Address - Insert address as listed in Banner.
  3. Create a Purchase Order

    View Create a Requisition/Purchase Order for instructions.

  4. Receive in Banner

    View Receive in Banner for instructions.
  5. Submit the Invoice

    View Submit an Invoice. Preceptor Form serves as invoice.

  6. Verify Payment

    View Purchase Order, Receiving & Payment Information in Banner.

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