Make a Postdoctoral/Predoctoral Payment

Pre-Doctoral payments are made to students at VCU who are paid on a training grant or other extramurally funded source as a trainee rather than as an employee. Post-Doctoral payments are made to individuals who have already obtained their degree, but who are classified as fellows/trainees and are paid on a training grant.

Step by Step

  1. Determine if the Recipient is set up in Banner.

    View Ensure Vendor is Set Up in Banner for instructions.

    If YES, then proceed to Step 2.

    If NO, department must have the recipient fill out a substitute W-9 form and send it to so the individual can be set up in Banner. Allow at least 24 hours for Vendor Create to process the W-9 request and then check back in Banner to ensure the vendor has been set up.

  2. Complete a Payment Schedule Form

    Ensure the following information is entered on the Payment Schedule Form.

    • Name - Insert full, legal name as it is listed in the Banner Financial System. Do not use abbreviations.
    • Banner ID (V#)
    • Address - Insert address as listed in Banner.
  3. Create a Purchase Order.

    View Create a Requisition/Purchase Order for instructions

  4. Receive in Banner.

    View Receive in Banner for instructions

  5. Submit the Invoice at Least 15 days Prior to the First Scheduled Payment.

    View Submit an Invoice. Payment Schedule Form serves as invoice.

  6. Verify Payment.

    View Purchase Order, Receiving & Payment Information in Banner. The payment will be direct deposited to individual's account or mailed to the recipient's home address. Procurement Services is responsible for Internal Revenue Service reporting of post doctoral trainee payments $600 or more in a calendar year (IRS Form 1099MISC). The IRS Form 1099 MISC will be sent to the recipient's home address.

  7. Notify AP if Payments Should Stop.

    Notification should be sent to Accounts Payable as soon as the department becomes aware of the need to stop payments so that no undesired payments are released. If a Post Doctoral Trainee quits or leaves the program early, the additional payments that have yet to be processed to the individual will be voided out of Banner and removed from your index.

  8. Ensure Payments Crossing Fiscal Years Continue to be Made

    At the end of each fiscal year, unused portions of purchase orders (PO) are liquidated. This creates a significant problem for Post Doctoral Trainees who are relying on these payments as their paycheck. When Accounts Payable attempts to key a new payment and the PO is “invalid”, the payment to the Post Doctoral Trainee is delayed until a new PO and payment schedule can be created and submitted for processing. Knowing that many Post Doctoral Trainees rely on these payments as paychecks, Accounts Payable keys the schedule at the time of submission as to avoid late payments.