Give an Honorarium

An honorarium is a token of appreciation paid to an individual for services performed for which payment is not required.


  • Current employees and students are not eligible to receive an honorarium.
  • The recipient may not set the honorarium amount.
  • The arrangement between the individual and the University is informal. It does not involve a contract, and invoicing is not required, however, the amount of the honorarium should be specified in documentation provided to the recipient.

Step by Step

  1. Qualify Your Recipient

    Ensure the recipient is not a current employee or student.  If an individual is a non-resident alien, see the Global Education Office website for detailed instructions and required forms prior to making an Honorarium commitment to the individual.

  2. Determine if the Recipient is Set Up in eVA & Banner

  3. Complete Honorarium Form Prior to Service

    The Honorarium Form must be completed by the department requesting services in advance of the commencement of services.
    Ensure the following information is entered onto the Honorarium form:

    • Name - Insert full, legal name as it is listed in the Banner Financial System. Do not use abbreviations.
    • Banner ID (V#)
    • Address - Insert address as listed in Banner.

    The form must be signed by the Authorized Approver. If dollar amount exceeds $2,000 then Vice President signature is required on the form.

  4. Create a Purchase Order

  5. Receive in Banner

    Upon completion of services, receive in Banner.

  6. Submit an Invoice

    Upon completion of services, submit an invoice. Honorarium Form serves as invoice. A copy of the documentation given to the recipient specifying the amount should accompany the request for payment.

  7. Verify Payment

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