Process a Sub-Award

Sponsored project awards made to VCU are generally conducted within the physical boundaries of VCU by University faculty and staff. Occasionally, however, a significant portion of the required work may need to be provided outside the University by a third party.


The third party is made responsible for a discrete portion of the project award, providing the leadership and direction of a responsible investigator and the resources necessary to conduct that portion of the work.

Costs associated with this work may include personnel costs, supplies, equipment, travel, F&A, etc. Such an arrangement is carried out through the issuance of a subaward (under prime grant awards) or subcontract (under prime contract awards).

Contact the Office of Sponsored Programs for guidelines and establishing subawards and subcontracts before submitting paperwork to Accounts Payable for payment.

Step by Step

  1. Complete the Direct Pay Form

    View Direct Pay Form

  2. Submit the Direct Pay Form for Payment

    Send Direct Pay Form and original invoice to following the instructions below:

    • The general encumbrance number only must be referenced in the subject line of the email.
    • A scanned document may include only one original invoice and supporting documents.
    • Multiple general encumbrances may not be scanned together as one document since they cannot be separated to scan into ImageNow.
    • The general encumbrance number must be on the invoice; otherwise, the email will be returned to the department.
    • The department should retain the original document in its files. Do not duplicate efforts by sending the scanned copy and then sending original in the mail.
    • If a payment requires special handling (expedites, etc.), contact  Accounts Payable Manager, Jamie Holcomb rather than emailing the invoice to the aforementioned email address.