Register with eVA

eVA is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s online procurement system. Vendors are strongly encouraged to register in eVA. While the University is not absolutely prohibited from doing business with non-eVA-registered firms, there is a definite competitive advantage for eVA-registered suppliers. University Purchasing advertises formal solicitation opportunities and contract award information in the eVA system. VCU does not have a separate registration process. Registration in eVA facilitates the ordering process for the University.

Step by Step

  1. Learn About eVA

    The eVA website provides a great deal of useful information about registration, billing and payment of the eVA fee, and the many advantages of eVA registration.

    A summary of the transaction fees for vendors is below:

    • DSBSD-certified SWaM Businesses: 1 percent, capped at $500 per order.
    • Vendors that are not DSBSD-certified SWaM Businesses: 1 percent, capped at $1,500 per order.

    VCU does not receive any revenue from these fees. VCU instead pays a corresponding agency eVA fee to the Commonwealth's Department of General Services. Certain types of purchases are except from eVA transaction fees. These exceptions are determined by the Commonwealth of Virginia. View the eVA Exemptions list for current list of exceptions.

  2. Complete Online Registration

    1. Go to the eVA Registration page
    2. Click the blue 'REGISTER' button on the left-hand side of the page
    3. Select "Vendor Registration" on the right-hand side of the page and follow the prompts to enter your information
    4. You may also reference the eVA  PDF guide or ‘How To’ video for helpful information and instructions.

For More Information

Email: eVA Customer Care| Toll Free Phone: (866) 289-7367

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