October 2023

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Grants & Contracts

Effort Certification Reminders

The effort certification period for MCV Campus and Monroe Park Campus is open. Faculty, please log into ECC and certify your effort and project statements as soon as possible.

Lastly, the pre-review period closed on September 30, 2023. Effort Coordinators on the MCV Campus and Monroe Park Campus, please log into ECC and pre-review any remaining effort and project statements to avoid delays in certification.

Please contact effortreport@vcu.edu if you need assistance or have any questions.

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Procurement Services

New Travel Management System FAQs

The system has been live for about 3 weeks and VCU travelers have been utilizing the system. Here is some additional guidance and answer to some of the frequently asked questions.

1. Is everyone required to complete a profile?

YES. If you don’t plan to travel or are only an arranger, please fill in at least the General Information Section (including Business phone, Mobile phone and birthdate).

2. My Profile name does not reflect my LEGAL name, what do I do?

When the initial HR files were sent they were using the ‘preferred’ name. This was corrected on both VCU and CTP side, however it appears that some records still did not update. If your name needs to be updated, please email Travel@vcu.edu. We will verify the Legal name that is listed in Banner HR. HOWEVER, if your legal name in Banner is not correct, you will have to work with VCU HR directly.

3. How do I set up a travel arranger?

First, you and the arranger must have updated your profiles. Scroll to Administration, click “Add new” to open a new box and add your arranger’s name. DO NOT remove or type over your name from the Arranger/Assistant box.

4. Do I still need to submit my expenses through Chrome River?

YES, Collegiate Travel Planners is our new Travel Management Company (TMC). They replaced Christopherson Business Travel. VCU is still using Chrome River to process all reimbursements.

5. Why isn’t the personal credit card option available online when booking air or rail tickets?

CTP has VCU’s ATC card on file to cover all air and rail costs for VCU business travel. IF you need to use your personal card to book your VCU travel, you must contact an agent to book your travel.

6. When will the training video be available?

The training video link should be posted on our Travel website next week.

7. What are the costs to book online and booking through an agent?

The online fee is $5 and the agent fee is $25 for Domestic and $27 for International per event.

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