January 2023

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Controller’s Office

Bank Code Updates

Due to the university's transition to Bank of America, the bank codes required for journal entries have been updated. Bank code DP has replaced bank code MC. Bank code DB has replaced bank code GD. Please begin using the new bank codes immediately when submitting journal entries.

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Procurement Services

New Invoice Requirements Effective January 30, 2023

Beginning January 30, 2023, all invoices submitted to Procurement Services via the deptinvoices@vcu.edu email must include the correct purchase order number. If an invoice is received without a purchase order number, or includes the incorrect purchase order number, it must be corrected prior to submission. These corrections should be made directly to the appropriate section of the invoice. Corrections must be typed and cannot handwritten. Invoices with incorrect PO numbers or with handwritten corrections will delay payment.

Procurement Services suggest that university staff who receive incorrect invoices return them the vendor and request an corrected copy. However, the information may also be manually corrected using Adobe Acrobat DC, for which the university provides licenses, or with other applications such as Word and DocuSign. Procurement Services has also prepared a brief video with examples of how and when to correct invoices with incorrect PO information. This may be helpful for users who are new to amending PDFs or scanned documents. You can see this video via Kaltura on the RealSource training page.

These changes will allow Procurement Services to leverage new technologies to improve processing times and sharpen the focus of the Accounts Payable on support. Most invoices submitted with the correct PO number will process within a day or two.

The Procurement Services team is excited to enact these changes to support streamlined business processes for RealSource users. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

VCU’s Bill To Address Changes

VCU’s “bill-to” address will permanently transition to VCU.Invoices@trustflowds.com on February 1, 2023. Vendors must submit invoices to this updated "bill to" address after this date. Invoices submitted to prior remit to addresses will not be received, and payment may be delayed.

This change is also reflected in the payment and invoicing instructions included on purchase order documents which are received by the vendor, as well as VCU websites. Please help Procurement Services communicate this change to any vendors which may still be using older, now obsolete billing addresses.

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Christopherson Business Travel and the Agency Travel Card

VCU faculty and staff traveling on official university business are required to book air and rail tickets through Christopherson Business Travel (CBT), our mandatory travel management company. CBT also maintains the university’s Agency Travel Card (ATC) on file for all faculty and staff air and rail travel costs to be charged at the time of booking. The use of a person credit card is highly discouraged and is only deemed necessary under certain circumstances. Advance approval is required, and failure to obtain appropriate prior approval may risk the denial of reimbursement requests.

If you currently have your personal credit card set as the air and rail default card under your profile in Christopherson, please remove it.

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Personal Vehicle Mileage Reimbursement

Effective January 1, 2023, the standard mileage reimbursement rate was increased to 65.5 cents per mile. Chrome River was updated to reflect the change.

Please remember that, when on official university travel, the most economical and cost-efficient method should always be considered. When opting to travel and using your personal vehicle, the total mileage reimbursement cost should not exceed the cost of the other travel options (air, rail or car rental).

Further information and guidance can be found on the VCU Travel Guidelines and Procedures found here: https://procurement.vcu.edu/document-library/travel-and-corporate-card/

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