February 2023

Published monthly, the Fiscal Administrators' News is where you can find the latest information regarding the Office of Procurement Services.

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Grants & Contracts

Effort Reporting- Reminders

The pre-review period for the Fall Semester (Monroe Park Campus) is now open in ECC. Effort Coordinators will have the entire month of February to pre-review the statements for the Monroe Park Campus before the certification period opens in March. Please log into ECC and pre-review your statements as soon as possible to avoid delays in certification.

Please contact effortreport@vcu.edu with any questions.

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Procurement Services

Invoice Submission Requirements

Fiscal administrators must ensure that all invoices submitted to deptinvoices@vcu.edu reference the correct PO number. Corrections must be typed and cannot be handwritten. Invoices with incorrect PO numbers or with handwritten corrections will delay payment. Please click here for a short video on how to edit an invoice using Adobe Acrobat.

Updated E-Mail Address for Vendor Invoices, Service Messages

VCU’s electronic Bill-To Address for vendor invoice submission has updated. The correct email is VCU.Invoices@trustflowds.com, which is reflected on Procurement Services website, and in PO information received by vendors. Please remind vendors to use this updated address to ensure their invoice is received and processed correctly.

For departments which submit invoices directly to TrustFlow, please ensure you update the email used to reflect this new address.

If departments or vendors receive a message from TrustFlow in response to an invoice submission alerting them to this change, it may be ignored as long the vendor or the department have updated the email address used to submit invoices. These messages are auto generated and simply alert users that the old “@edmgroup.com” email extension is now obsolete and should not be used.

Reminder to use Procurement’s IT Support Tickets

Please remember that Procurement Services has deployed a suit of tickets to support the VCU FA and staff community. Use of these tickets ensures the fastest response time, as central management of service and help requests allows us route your ticket to available and knowledgeable staff.

IT support tickets should be used in lieu of email wherever possible.

Click here to get help with invoices, purchase orders, RealSource, and more by placing a service ticket.

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