May 2022

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Grants and Contracts

Effort Reporting- Certification Period Reminders

The effort certification period for the MCV Campus will close on May 31, 2022. Faculty, please log into ECC and certify your effort and project statements as soon as possible.

Lastly, the pre-review period for the Spring Semester (Monroe Park Campus) will open on June 1, 2022. Effort Coordinators will have the entire month of June to pre-review the statements for the Monroe Park Campus before the certification period opens in July.

Please contact us at if you need assistance or have any questions.

Upcoming Effort Reporting Training

Join us for our upcoming Advanced Effort Training session on June 1, 2022, via Zoom. A brief description of the course is listed below:

  • This advanced training is designed for individuals who have a level of familiarity with ECC but would like to fully utilize the system and gain a better understanding of some of the compliance guidelines that govern effort reporting. Topics that will be covered include the NIH Salary Cap, Highly Sponsored Faculty, and a series of reports available through ECC. We hope you take the time to sign up, have your questions answered, and learn how to use ECC to its full potential!

Feel free to enroll in this opportunity via Talent and don't hesitate to contact us at with any additional training requests or questions.

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Controller’s Office

Cash Receipt Entry Deposit Field - Clarified Guidelines

The Banner Job Aid for cash receipt journal entries has been updated to clarify the requirements for the "deposit" field:

  • For credit card deposits, "deposit" should indicate the cash collection point number, and then the month/day of the deposit: CCPMMDD. For instance, a deposit from cash collection point 101 on April 25 would be 1010425.
  • For cash and check deposits, "deposit" should be the unique deposit slip number.

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Procurement Services

CorpCard Final FY22 Transactions

P-Card transactions posted to the card thru midnight 6/15/2022 will post to your FY22 reports. Please allocate all of your transactions by COB – Wednesday, June 22nd. Transactions posted on 6/16/2022 and after, will report in FY23.

FY23 Travel Card Canvas Training and Test

The FY23 Travel Card Canvas Training and Test will be launched on Monday 5/16/22. All Cardholders are required to complete the annual test by June 30th 2022 to re-certify their compliance with the terms and conditions of the Travel Card program.

Cardholders will be notified via Canvas when the Training and test is available.

Customs Clearance and Customs Broker Services

When VCU is listed as the importer responsible for international shipments, the University must provide a customs bond in compliance with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requirements. U.S. law. Procurement Services has established a “Continuous Bond,” which is valid for all orders placed with Airschott, which VCU has contracted for customs brokerage services for international orders subject to import regulations. Procurement Services will absorb the costs associated with the Continuous Bond on behalf of the University at no cost for departments when they utilize Airschott for their custom brokerage needs.

The Continuous Bond is not available for customs brokerage orders placed with other providers. If departments wish to use an alternative custom brokerage firm, they may be required to cover the costs associated with a separate customs bond(s).

For questions, contact and/or

New Option for Purchasing e-Gift Cards and Other Digital Rewards

Procurement Services is excited to announce a new term contract to Rybbon, Inc to deliver e-gift cards for approved university business purposes, including research participant payments, awards, prizes, and recognition. Rybbon is a Virginia-based digital rewards management platform that allows users to send, track, and manage e-gift card incentives and rewards. Rybbon offers over 65 different U.S-based e-gift card options, including Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Kroger, Starbucks, Target, and Uber, as well as Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards.


  • Great Digital Rewards
  • Hassle-free Workflows
  • Robust Reporting Tools
  • Superior Recipient Experience


VCU has established an enterprise subscription model with Rybbon. Each order will be billed a 10% transaction fee at the time of purchase. Departments will create separate itemized line items in their RealSource purchase orders.

Example: If a department was purchasing 50 x $50 gift cards. Creating the purchase order (PO) would align with the example below.

Line Item #DescriptionUnit PriceQuantityExt. Price
1 Rybbon Gift Card Funding $50 50 $2500
2 10% Fee $250 1 $250


To get started, create a free account. Setup instructions, step-by-step guides, additional information, and how to purchase gift cards can be found in Rybbon’s Customer Help Center. To receive gift cards, you must first fund your account with Rybbon. Departments must use Purchase Orders to do so and may not use P-cards.

After creating a PO in RealSource, departments should receive an invoice from Rybbon. Fiscal staff will need to submit the invoice to and complete receiving in RealSource. Once Procurement have a received an invoice and once receiving is complete in RealSource, AP will process the payment and fund your Rybbon account.


If you need direct assistance from Rybbon, please contact for more information. If you have general questions, please contact

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