eVA Administration

Procurement Services acts as the primary liaison between VCU and Virginia’s Online Procurement Solution (eVA). This web-based vendor registration and purchasing system allows state agencies, colleges, universities and many local governments to use eVA to conduct all purchasing and sourcing activities for goods and services. As part of the Tier III Management agreement, VCU must make no less than 80 percent of purchase transactions through the Commonwealth’s enterprise-wide internet procurement system (eVA) with no less than 75 percent of dollars to vendor locations in eVA.

eVA System Administration

Procurement Services provides updates to eVA users of system upgrades, deadlines, and integration alerts.

eVA Compliance

Information must be entered properly into eVA to ensure that users are compliant with state, VASCUPP, and VCU policy. This includes selecting existing vendors when they are already setup in the system, and choosing the correct purchase order category.

eVA Contracts

eVA maintains a database of over 400 state contracts that cover commodities and services such as: operational consulting services, uniforms, and medical equipment. For best pricing when using one of these vendors, reference the contract number in the eVA order.

eVA Training

Training and testing is mandatory for all new users, and a refresher test is required on an annual basis for existing users. An email reminder will be sent out when refresher testing is required. Register for eVA beginner or advanced classroom training by performing a Keyword Search for “eVA” at VCU Training. To sign up to take the online eVA test, log in to Blackboard and Course Search for “eVA”.

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