Obtain eVA Access

Step by Step

  1. Fill Out a LANDesk Remedy Ticket

    The Employee’s Fiscal Administrator or Authorized Approver should fill out the https://servicedesk.vcu.edu using the following procedures:

    1. Log in using eID and password
    2. Select “Application/System”
    3. Click “Banner”
    4. Create a ticket and select one of the options under “Banner Finance Account”
    5. Complete the mandatory fields on the form “Click Save”
    6. An Actions list will appear on the left side of the form click “Add Supplemental Information” under the Actions list.
    7. Select the appropriate box if the employee needs “Banner Receiving” or eVA Purchasing”
  2. Read and Sign the eVA Agreement

    The signed agreement sheet should be scanned and emailed to evapurch@vcu.edu. The agreement only needs to be signed the first time you are granted eVA access and does not need to be signed again if you change roles or transfer to another department.

  3. Complete the eVA & Banner Purchasing Test with a Score of at least 90%

    To access the test, log in to Blackboard using your VCU eID and password and click on the “Courses” tab in the top row. In the course search box, type “Purchasing” and click “Go.” Click the “Enroll” button next to the course id “Train-000-​20xx-20xx​Fall…” link and follow the prompts to complete the required test.

    You will be allowed three (3) attempts (per test) to achieve 90 points or higher test score. The test will automatically reset after each attempt. If you do not pass the test after the third attempt, you will need to obtain VP approval for an additional attempt. Failure to pass with a score of 90 points or higher will result in suspension of the user’s access.

  4. Approval Process and Receipt of Login Information

    Once all three steps are completed and any other requested information is received, the approval process generally takes no more than 48 hours. Your eVA login information will then be sent to you via email.

  5. Changes to eVA Access Should be Emailed to evapurch@vcu.edu or Submitted Through a VCU Help Desk Ticket.

    Departments must contact Procurement Services when employees’ eVA access requires a change. These changes could be one or more of the following:

    • Terminated from employment – Another eVA user can be designated for custodial access to this person’s account.
    • Changes roles within a department – Please be aware that switching from an approver role to a receiver role must be a permanent change and no temporary changes will be allowed.
    • Transfers to a different department within the University – Another eVA user can be designated for custodial access to this person’s account.
    • Changes to physical location (delivery address) – This address is defaulted to each person’s eVA access.

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