Create a Requisition/Purchase Order

Step by Step

  1. Login to the eVA System

    • Login to eVA as a Buyer
    • Login using lowercase letters
    • If you get locked out of your account click on the Password Problems Link.
  2. Click on eMall (Shop Now) to Start Creating Your Requisition

  3. Click on “Requisition” on the Left Side of the Screen

  4. On this Screen:

    • Title: Name this a title that would be unique to you and your area.
    • On Behalf of: Will default to your name (should not be changed)
    • Use PCard: Uncheck the box if you will not be using you Purchasing Card. (This box will only be visible if you have loaded your PCard information in your Preferences.)
    • Pcard number: Will default.
    • Agency: Will default to 236, which is VCU’s agency number and should not be changed.
    • Fiscal Year: Will default to the current fiscal year.
    • PO Category: Transactions processed through eVA require purchase category. Failure to use the appropriate category will result in a fee to the University that will be subsequently charged to the department. Categories are as follows:
  5. Click “Next” Once You Have Entered All the Information.

  6. Decide Which of the Following Orders You Will Create:

     ‌ - For Registered and State Entered Vendor Orders: Allows user to enter the price, description and supplier.

     -For Registered Vendors Only-Directs you to the suppliers’ website. Once you have completed the order, it is pulled back into eVA.

  7. When Creating Your Order Please Note the Following:

    • You MUST use the “Copy” button to add additional lines to your eVA Requisition and NOT the “Add Items” button. The “Add Items” button will generate multiple EP numbers for one order.
    • Shipping and Freight charges should be entered into eVA as a line item. There is a commodity code to specify these charges.
    • When a line needs to be deleted from an order in eVA do not delete the line just zero out the dollar amount, so that your order will come over to Banner correctly.
    • Wire Transfer Purchase Order Instructions: The first line of the order should indicate “Wire Transfer” in the description. The quantity should indicate “1” and the dollar amount “$0.00”. The remainder of your order should be entered as usual on separate lines.
    • Only use US dollar currency no other type of currency should be used.
  8. Submit Your Order.

    Once the order is fully approved . This is the purchase order number that you will give to the Vendor.

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