Create a P-card Order

Step by Step

  1. Login to the eVA System

    • Login to eVA as a Buyer
    • Login using lowercase letters
    • If you get locked out of your account click on the "Password Problems Link".
  2. Enter Your Pcard Information in eVA

    • Click on “Preferences” on the Knowledge Center screen. Please Note: You should only add your Purchasing Card information to your preferences. You should not enter any other person’s card information.
    • Click “Manage PCard Information” and then “Create New Card”.
    • Enter your PCard Number on the first line and confirm your PCard Number on the second line.
    • Pcard Alias: Enter a unique name for your pcard
    • PCard Holder Name: Enter your name as it appears on the card.
    • Personal Liability: Defaults to no.
    • PCard Type: Defaults to Purchase Card.
    • Expiration Date: Enter the expiration date as it appears on your card.
    • Click “Submit”
    • If you have more than one card, select “Create New PCard” to add additional cards.
    • The PCard information will update overnight. You will not see it on your Shop Now screen until the next day.
  3. Create an Order, and Check the Pcard Box so that You Will Receive PCO # Once the Order is Fully Approved. Please Also Note the Following:

    • When creating an order in eVA to a non-registered vendor using a Pcard, do not select State Entered Vendor. This will result in an error message indicating the vendor does not accept the Pcard. All non-registered vendor Pcard orders must select the “New” option to enter the vendor information. Pcard orders do not integrate with Banner, so no W-9 is required. Do not create “State Entered Vendors” for any Pcard orders.
    • You still will have to enter the Account Code and Index Code that is linked to your card
    • You will follow the same approval flow as you would with a standard purchase order
    • The order will not go over to Banner
    • P-Card purchases from an eVA vendor are entered into eVA as a PCO order. If the vendor does not accept orders electronically through eVA, you must contact the vendor to place the order and supply them with the P-Card information
    • To assist in identifying orders that need to be liquidated and eliminate the need to create unnecessary vendors, users should create the eVA non-registered order using the federal tax ID number of 777777777. This tax ID number will match a vendor in Banner that will indicate that it is a P-Card purchase and no new vendor will need to be created. This should only be used for P-Card orders to non-registered eVA vendors.
    • To reduce rogue ordering, all orders must have a confirming PCO. PCO number must be added to the comments in Works during sign off.
  4. Know the Pcard Purchases that Do Not have to be Entered in eVA

    • Purchases that are on the Exemptions List
    • Purchases using a P-Card that charge a grant index (i.e., index beginning with the number 5), and are not Amazon purchases. Please note: All Amazon purchases require a detailed PCO regardless of funding source.

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