Cancel or Change an Order

Step by Step

  1. Cancel an Order

    The eVA system will not check to see if the order has been received or invoiced. The process to cancel an order in eVA depends on the status of your order:Composing Status – Cancel – Disappears from the system and cannot be retrievedSubmitted Status – Withdraw – Moves to the Composing status folder but cannot be cancelled and will not disappear from the system. Create a folder to hold previously submitted-cancelled orders Approved Status – Cancel – Stays in the Approved folder as Version 2 (V2) cancelled
  2. Make Changes to an Existing Order

    To process a change order, you must find the original order, open it and click change. If your order was never received or invoiced, your change order will transmit to Banner after it has been approved. If a line(s) on an order were previously received, but is no longer needed a receiving adjustment needs to be made in Banner. If a new line is added receiving will need to be completed on the added line(s) in Banner.
    1. Find your order in the approved folder and click on the PR#
    2. Click on “Change” to make changes to your order
    3. Click “OK” to confirm that this is the order you want to change.
    4. Make the necessary changes to your order:
      1. If you want to edit the line put a check in the box and click “Edit”. You may change the Description, Quantity, Unit of Measure, Price or Commodity Code. You cannot change the index or account codes on existing lines or the vendor information.
      2. If you want to add another line, click “Copy”.
      3. If you want to delete a line change the dollar amount to zero.
    5. Submit your order for approval. Please note: Change orders take 2 days from the approval date to show up in Banner.

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