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VCU and Chrome River Tech Tips

  1. Email addresses and approval emails

    Chrome River is loaded with everyone's email address. If you use a email address, please contact Procurement Services (804-828-1077) to manually update your email address in Chrome River. You will not be able to approve/deny requests unless your email matches the email in Chrome River.

    If you have a, please follow the steps below to default your Gmail "sender" address to your address. With Gmail, go to Settings> Accounts> Send mail as > Select the address as your default. If the address is not there, you can set up the address by clicking on "Add another email address you own." Once your address is set up, click "Default" to ensure that all mail sent is sent from this address.

  2. Microsoft Outlook launches with approval emails

    If Microsoft Outlook launches when you click accept/deny, you will need to change your computer's default mail client. This is not a change within Chrome River. You can change your computer's mail client in your Control Panel, or you can work with you TS staff to align your computer with the mail client you use (Gmail or Lotus Notes).

  3. Access for VCUHS employees

    Please note that we cannot manually set up VCUHS employees in Chrome River. Chrome River was configured to reimburse VCU employees and guests with VCU funds. Even though VCUHS employees have an eID, their Vnumbers are not captured in CAS, our single-sign on service, so setting them up manually is not possible. If you would like to reimburse a VCUHS employee, please follow the non-employee reimbursement process.

  4. Access for Adjunct professors

    If your adjunct professor cannot log into Chrome River, please ensure that you have set him or her up with a university email address. The department can email to have the email created. Once created, the adjunct professor will be able to log into Chrome River the next day.

  5. Mac and Lotus Notes users

    If you use a Mac computer and you also use Lotus Notes for email, please be aware that Lotus Notes sometimes truncates the Report ID in approval emails making approval via email more difficult. In the second email that generates after you click Accept (the email that you have to SEND to Chrome River when approving), Lotus Notes cuts off a portion of the Report ID, so Chrome River doesn't know what expense report you would like to accept. Technology Services has confirmed that they no longer support Lotus Notes, so there is no probable fix for this issue.

    To ensure that you can approve your requests, you can either 1) log into Chrome River to accept/deny or 2) after clicking Accept, type in the Report ID numbers that were left off in the email. As long as you have the full Report ID in the second email, your approval response will go through

Chrome River Training Sessions

Procurement Services offers Chrome River hands-on classroom training sessions for both the beginner user and the more advanced user. Please visit the following webpage to learn more about training classes offered by Procurement Services:


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