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Determine Eligibility of Employee

The eligibility of any employee for reimbursement of moving and relocation expenses involves University Discretion. Each University has the authority to approve or disapprove moving and relocation expense reimbursements.


Eligible employees must be salaried employees of the University in regular, full-time positions or as defined by the University. Employees who qualify for moving and relocation reimbursement are eligible for expenditures to transport the employee, family (spouse or dependent that resides in the household and moves to the new location), household goods and personal effects from the former residence to the new work location.

To be eligible for reimbursement, the employee’s relocation must meet all three (3) of the following conditions:

  1. Relocation at employer’s request – The relocation must be at the request of, and for the good of, the University as determined by the Authorized Approver.
  2. Relocation distance – The distance between the employee’s new work location and former residence must be at least fifty (50) miles greater than the distance between the employee’s old work location and the former residence. Exceptions to this condition may be allowed as described by policy.
  3. One-year employment – The employee must satisfactorily maintain employment on a full-time basis, as defined by the University, for at least one year, or as specified by the Agreement for Reimbursement of Moving & Relocation Expenses, commencing on the date that the employee starts work on a regular basis at the new location.

Please refer to the Moving and Relocation Policy for further details.

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