Request a Personal Reimbursement

The University recognizes that employees, non‐employees and students may incur non‐regular or emergency expenses while conducting official university business. Whenever possible, small dollar purchases of $5,000 or less should be placed on a corporate purchasing card (P‐Card). In situations where a P‐Card is unavailable, VCU will reimburse individuals for allowable expenses through the personal reimbursement process

Step by Step

  1. Know Your Responsibilities as the Requestor

    Prior to using personal funds to cover business expenses, it is the requestor's responsibility to understand Personal Reimbursement Policy, including expenses are that are not allowed to be reimbursed.

  2. Know Your Responsibilities as an Authorized Approver

    Prior to approving the reimbursement of a purchase of someone using personal funds, it is the Authorized Approver's responsibility to understand Reimbursement Policy, including expenses are that are to be reimbursed.

    In summary, the Authorized Approver must verify that requested expenses meet all following criteria:

    • The personal reimbursement expense was incurred for university business purposes;
    • The expenses were necessary and consistent with university policies and procedures.
    • The information contained on the reimbursement form and in the attached documentation is accurate; and
    • The expenditure is charged to the proper index(s) and account(s).
  3. Submit Reimbursement through Chrome River with Itemized Receipts and/or Supporting Documentation

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