View an Invoice in WebNow

Procurement Services uses ImageNow to scan and electronically file all invoices. WebNow access allows departments to view invoices scanned into ImageNow. Documents with sensitive data are filed in a secure folder which is not accessible to departments.

Step by Step

  1. Learn More About License Options

    For the purpose of viewing invoices, there is no functional difference in ImageNow and WebNow. One WebNow license is generally recommended per department. There are licensing fees associated with both ImageNow and WebNow. To better understand the University’s license, check out the resources below.
  2. Secure a License for Webnow

    Please contact if you would like to place an order or have any additional questions.
  3. Contact Technology Services for General Help Using or Logging into Webnow

    Call the Technology Services Help Desk at (804) 828-2227

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