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The receiving function is an important and necessary control in ensuring funds are expended appropriately. Receivers should view and inspect all items to verify receipt. If the receiver is not certain of receipt, supporting documentation such as an email from the employee (other than the approver) who verified the receipt must be obtained.


  • Receiving should be completed as soon as the merchandise or service has been delivered.
  • Not receiving in a timely manner will delay payment to the vendor.
  • Before processing the receiving report, the receiver should verify that the merchandise or service was received.
  • The packing slip for goods or an email from the individual who received the merchandise or service should be included in the departmental files.
  • Receiving should not be completed in Banner unless the departmental receiver has knowledge that the merchandise or service was delivered. No Banner receiver report should be completed from a verbal request.

Step by Step

  1. Complete Full or Partial Receiving in Banner

    • Login to the Banner System
    • Type FPARCVD in the “Go” Field and press “Enter” on your keyboard
    • Type “Next” in the Receiver Document Code field
    • Click on “Next Block “and a new receiver document code (Y#) will be assigned
    • Click “Next Block” twice to advance to the Packing Slip field. Enter the packing slip information into the Packing Slip field. This can be numbers and/or letters. If no packing slip is received, enter information that will help your department identify the goods or service.
    • Click “Next Block” to advance to Purchase Order field. Enter your EP# without the “EP” prefix. Press the Tab key to populate the buyer and vendor fields
    • Go to “Options” in the top menu and select Purchase Order Items.
    • Receive All or complete a partial receiving. View Receiving‌ section in manual for instructions.
    • Click “Save” in the top menu and click on the “X” in the top menu to exit the form
    • Click on “Next Block” and complete your receiving
  2. Adjust Your Receiver

    Once you complete the receiving for a purchase order, you have the option to cancel or make an adjustment to that receiver. View manual instructions

  3. Delete an Incomplete Receiver

    View the purchase order history in Banner to see if you have any incomplete receiving document codes. If the Status field is empty that is an incomplete receiver.

    Complete the following steps to delete a receiver:

    1. Go to FPARCVD and put the Y# in the Receiver Document Field
    2. Click “Next Block” one time
    3. Select “Record” from the top toolbar and then “Remove” from the drop down list. Repeat this “Record” & “Remove” step
  4. Access the Receiving Required Report

    The Receiving Required Report is located in the SAS Web Studio under the Finance folder. This report will show departments the purchase orders that have been invoiced in Banner that do not have a corresponding receiving report completed in Banner required to generate a payment.

    To access the report:

    • Log into myVCU portal.
    • Under General Resources click on “VCU Reporting Center”
    • Select the “Finance” folder
    • Scroll down and select “Receiving Required”

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