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Non-Allowable Expenditures Chart

Conflict of Interest Any expenditure that constitutes a violation of the University’s Conflict of Interest Policy or other administrative regulations.
Purchases from employees. Contact Office of the General Counsel for guidance
Equipment without Energy Star Designation Purchase or lease of equipment without Energy Star designation when such designation is available. Energy Star product listing is available at: (Source:Executive Order 19 effective 7/1/10-7/1/14)
Flowers/Plants for Employees/Employees’ Immediate Family/Employees’ Relatives Except as specifically provided for in Allowable Expenditures “Funeral Expenditures”, flowers/plants shall not be purchased for employees’ immediate family or relatives.
Gifts for Employees’ Immediate Family or Relatives Gifts shall not be purchased for employees’ immediate family or relatives.
Interest on Credit Cards Interest on personal credit cards (including Corporate Travel Card).
Items Not Retained by the University Any purchased items (furniture, artwork, equipment, etc.) that will not be retained by the University.
Lobbying Services All lobbying services. (Source: Code of Virginia, Section 2.2 – 434)
Motor Vehicle Violations Motor vehicle moving violations and parking tickets (issued to University employees).
Non-Mission Related Purchases Any purchase of goods or services for non-mission related use
Paper Purchase of virgin paper used in copiers, faxes, printers, and other office equipment.
Personal Expenditures Any purchase of goods or services for personal use.

Purchasing, cleaning, repairing or replacing of personal clothing (excluding uniforms) worn on the job.

Personal reimbursements to employees for computers, software, lab supplies, office supplies and printing. These goods should be purchased using established purchasing procedures. Any exceptions must be documented and approved by the Authorized Approver. 

Parking for employees attending meetings in VCU owned or occupied space (including space owned by any VCU affiliated foundations).

Reimbursement of personal items damaged, lost or stolen.

Picture Framing Picture framing for personal pictures (including diplomas, certificates, etc.) that may hang in a University office, but are not considered University property.
Regalia Regalia for students and/or faculty