Receive a Purchase Order

Step by Step

  1. Submit a W-9 or Substitute W9 Form

    Vendors must be set up in Banner, VCU's financial system, prior to Purchase Order being processed. The vendor must submit a completed substitute W9 form to the VCU department. The VCU department will then ensure the company has been set up in Banner. Future purchase orders do not require a W9 submission, unless the vendor's name or Tax ID number has changed.
  2. Understand Tax Exempt Status, Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, and Insurance Requirements

    Tax Exempt Status

    Virginia sales and use tax shall not apply to tangible personal property for use or consumption by VCU, an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Commonwealth of Virginia Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption form (link) is hosted on the VCU Controller's site.

    Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

    Acceptance of a Purchase Order from the University constitutes the vendor's acceptance of the Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.

    Insurance Requirements

    Insurance coverage by the contractor is required whenever work or services are performed in or on VCU facilities. Insurance coverage is required at the time of contract award and shall be maintained during the entire term of the contract. For construction contracts, if any subcontractors are involved, the subcontractor shall have workers' compensation insurance in accordance with Sections 2.2-4332 and 65-800 et seq. of the Code of Virginia. All insurance coverage must be provided by insurance companies authorized to sell insurance in Virginia by the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Workers' Compensation-Statutory Requirement and Benefits Employer's liability - $100,000Commercial general liability - $500,000 combined single limit. VCU is to be named as an additional insured with respect to the services being procured. This coverage is to include Premises/Operations Liability, Products and Completed Operations Coverage, Independent Contractor's Liability, Products and Completed Operations Coverage, Independent Contractor's Liability, Owner's and Contractor's Protective Liability and Personal Injury Liability. Automobile liability - $500,000
  3. Receipt of Purchase Order

    eVA registered vendors, who have selected electronic receipt of Purchase Order, will receive the Purchase Order through eVA. Vendors can also obtain a copy of the Purchase Order from the department buyer. Vendors should not accept orders without an authorized Purchase Order number (EPXXXXXX) unless the department is using a Purchasing Card.
  4. Deliver the Product or Complete the Service

    All products/services must be delivered/completed prior to payment being made.
  5. Conflict Resolution

    If assistance with resolution of a problem(s) related to a purchase order or contract is needed, the vendor should initially try to resolve the issue with the department.