March 2021

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Grants & Contracts Accounting

Welcome To Our New Team Members

Grants & Contracts Accounting and Effort Reporting is excited to welcome four new accountants to our team:

Danielle Nilson joined Team Alpha on March 1st. Danielle comes to G&C from the VCU's Parking & Transportation department where she most recently held the accounts supervisor position. Danielle has been a Ram since 2005. She worked for VCU Police while studying fine arts at the university. In her free time, Danielle enjoys yoga, long walks in Byrd Park, and exploring new vegetarian recipes and restaurants.

Jay Patel joined Team Beta on March 3rd. Jay is a 2012 VCU graduate with a bachelor's degree in accounting and information technology. He has over five years of accounting experience in the private sector including with Capital One. Prior to joining G&C, Jay held a governmental accountant position with the Virginia Department of Transportation. In his free time, Jay enjoys traveling, playing sports, hiking and playing with his dog.

Aaron Roland joined Team Gamma on February 25th. Aaron has worked within the realms of higher education for over six years, having taken on a multitude of roles each intersecting with fostering student & family, facility, and staff financial & administrative understandings & development. In his downtime, he is avid Jazz & anime connoisseur yet additionally enjoys reading novels on the African Diaspora & culture(s).

Kevin Kim joined Team Delta on February 25th. Kevin comes to G&C from the OVPRI's Office of Sponsored Programs where he held the post award assistant position for the last three years. He brings a wealth of research administration knowledge and experience with him.

As our newest members onboard and get acclimated to their new roles, please continue to contact us through the G&C shared mailbox(es). We look forward to introducing Danielle, Jay, Aaron and Kevin to their assigned portfolios. Please reach out to schedule meet-and-greets with the teams and with any questions.

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Procurement Services

New RealSource Release 21.1

On Monday, April 12th, a new RealSource release (21.1) will go live in production. Generally, the new release will change the look and feel of some RealSource screens. This is the second of a series of releases planned by the software manufacturer (Jaggaer) through 2024 to improve the user’s overall experience.
The first release, which occurred in July of 2020, involved searching and exporting RealSource data. The April 12th release includes slight changes to the RealSource homepage, as well as the following screens:

  • Requisition
  • Purchase Order
  • Invoice

The new release does not affect Vendors, Receiving, Contracts+, eCatalogs or any of the “forms'' on the RealSource homepage, except the non-catalog form. Changes generally involve font style and size, rearrangement of fields and accordions within individual screens, and toolbar orientations (i.e., from top-to-bottom to left-to-right).

There are no changes to the general functionality of the system, except one, which offers convenience to users. Following the deployment of the Contracts+, Shoppers and Requesters were required to “link” contracts to requisitions that are processed against university contracts, including eCatalog purchases. Linking requisitions to contracts will still be required in the new release, however, as of April 12th requisitions for eCatalog transactions will be automatically linked to the eCatalog contract.

To prepare for the upcoming changes, users can sign-up for a 1-hour Info-Session via or the New/Events area of the RealSource homepage (under Events). We highly encourage users to attend an Info-Session. Further, the User Help-Guide will be republished ahead of the software release, on or before April 7th to include updated screen-shots, improved graphics, a glossary of terms, and additional user content.
If you have any questions about the April 12th release, please contact the RealSource Help-Desk.

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