June 2020

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Grants & Contracts Accounting

Topic Highlight: Online Training Opportunities

This month, we will be highlighting videos and/or webinars to help the research community with understanding impact of COVID-19. These webinars or videos will be from National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) and National Institute of Health (NIH).

COVID-19 and Agency/Sponsor Guidance:

Agencies and entities are issuing guidance on COVID-19. A comprehensive listing of guidance, from the Council of Government Relations, is available via the link below along with other related guidance.

G&C's Year-End Schedule:

The University’s cutoff time for creates in FY2020 is on June 19 at 2:00PM. Create requests, received by Grants and Contracts Accounting, after June 15 will be completed only as time permits. https://controller.vcu.edu/reporting/year-end-schedule/

Prior and Current Effort Reporting Certification Periods

  • Current Certification Periods

    • The Quarterly Effort Period 12/10/19 - 03/09/19 will close for certification on June 14, 2020.
    • The Spring Semester Effort Period 12/10/19 - 05/09/20 will open for certification on June 15, 2020
  • Prior Certification Periods

    • The Fall Semester Effort Period 08/10/19 - 12/24/19 recently closed and contains effort statements awaiting certification.
    • The Semi-Annual Effort Periods 12/10/18 - 06/09/19 and 06/10/19 - 12/10/19 have effort statements awaiting certification. Effort Reporting will be in contact with the appropriate parties.

On behalf of Grants and Contracts Accounting and Effort Reporting, we appreciate your continued partnership and assistance. Thank you, and take care.

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Procurement Services

Searchable SWaM Database Coming Soon!

Procurement Services is excited to announce SWaMSearch – an indexed database of Small, Women and Minority-owned (SWaM) businesses. This web tool will allow users to identify SWaM vendors who are certified by the VA Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity. Users can research vendors with simple search terms and can filter results by a number of criteria.

Procurement Services created SWaMSearch so departments can easily find and connect with new diverse suppliers that provide the goods and services their programs require. VCU is committed to doing business within the local economy with diverse businesses. Support the vibrancy of the Virginia marketplace, find local partners, and connect with your community by selecting a SWaM provider!

SWaMSearch is in the final stages of development and will be launched in the coming weeks. Please reach out to Procurement Services at 8-5758 with any questions.

University Assets Used During Work From Home

Please note that items purchased by the University for employee use during work from home must be retained by the University. This includes items such as (but not limited to) desks, computer peripherals, printers, chairs, etc. These items must be returned to the University upon our return to campus. If there are questions/concerns regarding this issue please contact corpcard@vcu.edu or apzaremba@vcu.edu.

New RealSource eCatalog for Electronic Components

An additional eCatalog has been added to the RealSource tool at the recommendation of Dr. Richard Costanzo (SOE). The eCatalog is with Digi-Key, the 4th largest electronic component distributor in North America. Digi-Key offers a large selection of electronic components in stock and available for quick shipment. This brings the total count of eCatalogs in RealSource during its first year of operation to 28. If you have questions about this or any other RealSource eCatalog, existing or future, please send an email to RealSource@vcu.edu or call 8-1077, Option 6.

Expiring P-Cards

P-Cards that are due to expire are mailed to your Campus Box Number in the month in which they expire. If you need the card mailed to your home address, please email corpcard@vcu.edu. Please provide your home address, and we will contact BOA on your behalf.

Missing Encumbrance Description - ISSUE RESOLVED

As of Wednesday, May 27, a fix was made in Chrome River and the descriptions are now appearing. You will still need to use the alternative process to research any encumbrances missing descriptions prior to Wednesday.

The Step-by-Step instructions are located on the Chrome River dashboard. You can also reach out to a Travel Services team member if you have any questions at Travel@vcu.edu.

Thank you for your patience.

Christopherson Business Travel Partner Updates

Christopherson Business Travel has released some important updates from their travel partners. These updates include travel restrictions, protocols, and responses to COVID 19 specific to common air carriers such as United and Delta airlines.

COVID 19 Travel Partner Updates

2020 Procurement Services Year-End Schedule Available

Procurement Services 2020 year-end schedule is now available. Please find that document here:

2020 Year-End Schedule

This document includes submission and processing deadlines by transaction type for the 2020 fiscal year end. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the appropriate team or Procurement Services at 828 1077.

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